Hello everyone,

We have just released a new version (build 3041) of our AVChat Integration Kit (containing the AVChat 3 Module and Who’s Chatting Widget) for SocialEngine 4. We have solved all the issues we encountered so far and added some cool new improvements.


  • We introduced a new editable “access denied ” message for when a member level (for example visitors – Public)  does not have access to the chat. This message can be changed for each member level from the SE backend:  Manage > Member Level AVChat 3 PermissionThis build ships with pre-defined messages for the Public member level (visitors) and for the Default member level (although these members will not see the message unless they are denied access to AVChat). These messages support HTML code.website message
  • We have replaced the Flash embed code with swfobject2. The main advantage is that it has Flash Player and JavaScript detection and a contextual error message  appears in case they’re missing;
  • We introduced an improved way of detecting mobile devices with a PHP based library that will better detect mobile devices;
  • Contextual error messages have been inserted to help guide the site administrator to successfully install the SE 4 Plugin;
  • The Register and Sign in tab from the login screen is now only shown only for unregistered users;
  • Flash Player 11.1 is now required;
  • Renamed some settings and permissions that were shown in the backend to eliminate confusions about what they are for;
  • Better gender, username (the display name – first name + last name – is now used) and profile URL detection;

Bug Fixes:

  • SocialEngine has a default option at registration that allows users to choose a custom profile address. This is the actual username that you could log in with in AVChat. An issue appeared when this SocialEngine option was not activated, in this case the username was empty. We now have implemented a fix so that users login with their display name in AVChat (followed by the username and the email if the display name and username are not available respectively). This solution allows users to login with their full name from their SocialEngine profile. This name can containing any characters, without the restrictions of the default username which was alphanumeric;
  • We have changed the separator for cookies sent from the embed page to integration.php. The AVChat username now displays correctly any character; 
  • We also fixed the issue with profile link on some SE4 websites. This URL that is accessible from AVChat also depended on the username (profile adress). If users didn’t had the option to chose a custom profile address, their profile could not be accessed directly from chat because of an incorrect URL;
  • We have fixed the problem with the missing profile picture;
  • Fixed an issue with the chat path in backend;
  • We also fixed the issue that appeared when the user was not associated with a gender. This caused an error in older SocialEngine 4.x versions. Now, guests have the ability to chose a gender;
  • Fixed the avatar link for unregistered users;

Who’s Chatting Widget

Modified the style and the layout of the widget to better blend in with default SocialEngine widgets:

  • widget title is no longer outside the layout of the widget;
  • the same layout and dimensions that SocialEngine default widgets use have been applied to Who’s Chatting;



  • Fixed profile address;
  • Users outside rooms will no longer be displayed;

The documentation has also been updated.

Important news:

Starting with this build we have dropped support for SocialEngine 3 module. The last SocialEngine 3 release was in January 20, 2010. Since then it has passed more that 3 years and our clients no longer request updates and support for version 3. We now only focus on SocialEngine version 4.x and future releases and we continue to deliver quality updates and support for our modules. The previous build was the last build that contained the module for Social Engine 3.

Thank you for understanding.

The module is ready to download from your client area on nusofthq.com.

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