We’ve just released a new version of our AVChat Video Chat Plugin PRO for WordPress and it adds a huge amount of fixes. We’re considering it the most stable build so far. The entire code has been reviewed and improved. We’ve also added proper support for multisite setups, more permissions and we’ve totally updated the documentation.

Major improvements:

  • We’ve moved the PRO plugin to a separate folder (wp-content/plugins/avchat-3-pro) so that the WP update mechanism does not confuse it with the Standard version available on wordpress.org
  • We’ve added 8 new permissions that you can control for each user role:
    • admin can kick,
    • admin can ban,
    • admins can view ips,
    • admin can silence,
    • admin can view private messages,
    • admin can access the settings panel,
    • admin can login as hidden,
    • admin can view hidden admins
  • We’ve added true multisite compatibility. You can now network activate the chat for all websites or individually activate it for each website. We’ve also added a new role (Network users) to control the permissions for the network users who have no role in your website. The new column for this role only shows up on multisite setups. You can also control the permissions and connection string individually for each website in the network. AWESOME! For more info check out the Multisite documentation for the PRO plugin .

What else is new, improved or fixed:

  • Updated the version number in the  WP Plugins backend area to correspond with the build number (e.g. Build 2359 released 10th of May 2013)
  • Added FP 11.1 requirement to match the FP requirement in the recent 2330 AVChat 3 build: http://avchathq.com/blog/avchat-build-2330-introduces-h-264-support/
  • Better JS code for opening up AVChat 3 in an pop-up window, you can now easily control the width and height from the code
  • Better detection for missing JavaScript and Flash Player version
  • Better AVChat 3 files detection
  • Better mobile device detection
  • FB application ID is now sent to AVChat 3 even when the plugin is configured to open AVChat 3 in a pop-up
  • Removed default FB app id
  • WP Administrators are now granted access by default, through a pre-checked permission, to the admin area of AVChat 3 (admin.swf)
  • Default visitors usernames will now have the “visitor_” prefix instead of the “user_” prefix
  • Better explanation of AVChat 3 permissions and options in the AVChat 3 Settings & Permissions page

How to get it:

The new version is now available for download in your private client area on http://avchathq.com . A link to your private client area is in your order email.

You will find instructions on how to update your copy here. If you’re just installing it for the 1st time follow these installation instructions.

Updates to the standard version:

The standard version also received a series of bug fixes and updates but the new version (1.4) is not yet available in the wordpress.org plugin directory. We’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available.

That’s it for now.


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