The Joomla! 3.x Component (part of our Joomla! Integration Kit) has been updated today (build 1000)  and you can download it from your client areas.


  • Removed SWFObject from the embed mechanism for a better experience on Chrome and Safari which are now more strict in allowing Flash content to run on the page
  • The drop in room option now works as expected
  • Links have been updated to point to the correct Joomla! Component documentation
  • Mobile chat option is shown on mobile devices only if the mobile chat is installed
  • Code cleaning

2 thoughts on “New Joomla! 3.x Component

  1. Michael says:

    Please update AVChat itself…
    WordPress Integration is totally bugged with the latest WordPress update.
    With browsers keep updating there is so much that is breaking to the chat itself.
    If you’re not going to find a way to integrate YouTube, remove it it’s giving us a headache with a BIG NOTICE saying it’s not supported when people post videos and it covers the entire screen.
    There is a lot of features that you can enable / disable or change in WordPress for AVChat and nothing is being saved or changed if things are not supported anymore then fix both AVChat and WordPress integration to get rid of these annoyances….

  2. Michael says:

    Someone just hacked our site using latest WordPress Integration and the latest update to AVChat. When are you guys going to do something as someone is going around exploiting your program to mess other peoples sites up.

    This is so messed up as I been reporting security issues to you guys for well over 4+ months now and you guys have done absolutely NOTHING! to fix them.

    Whoever is going around to sites using AVChat these people are able to change room information without being added as a moderator or admin via WordPress.

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