Hello everyone,

We’ve just released a new version, 1.5 (build 605), for Joomla! Integration Kit. This version integrates AVChat 3 with EasySocial, a powerful Joomla! Social Networking Extension, and we’ve added some cool new features.

EasySocial Integration:

EasySocial is a powerful Joomla! extension that allows you to transform your Joomla! in a Social Networking Website. The complete list of EasySocial features, you can find here.

  • Same Username – Users will have the same username in the website and in the video chat. Double login is not needed.
  • Same Profile Photo – The profile photos from EasySocial are automatically used for the users list and text chat inside the video chat
  • Linked Profile Pages – View more info about the chat members by accessing their profile page directly from the chat.
  • Same gender – Users will have the same gender in the video chat as in EasySocial
  • Supports Joomla 2.5.X – 3.X

New Features & Improvements:

  • Now your anonymous users / authenticated users can login in AVChat 3 with their Twitter accounts.
  • You can disable Facebook and Twitter log in for all the user. You can find this new option (Allow Facebook/Twitter Connection) in your Joomla! backend at AVChat Settings page.
  • You can enter your Twitter API credentials directly from your Joomla! backend.
  • You can choose what to use in AVChat, real name or username, from your Joomla! backend.
  • You can define user list type by choosing from: Thumbnail, Small Thumbnail or Small, from your Joomla! backend.

The new build archive can be downloaded from your private client area.

Have a great day!

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