New features:

  • New look for the audio only stream windows:

    Audio Only Stream
    Audio Only Stream
  • Admins can now view how many mic/ web cams a user has installed on his system:

    Nr. of mics and cams shown in the admin area
    Nr. of mics and cams shown in the admin area
  • As a website owner you can specify URL’s to where users should be redirected after they are baned/kicked
  • Added a new settings in to turn on/off the shadows casted by windows inside the chat, to turn on/off the display of time stamps in the text chat and to turn on/off the bandwidth usage graph in the top bar
  • Audio/video streams can now be private by default (new setting in
  • You can now disable inline images from the settings file
  • The AVChat 3 Joomla Components are now released under the GPL license
  • The 4 side menus (users, users list, my web cam, other web cams) can now be transparent
  • When auto start my camera is ON, mics can now be started as MUTED
  • Security: you can now disable connections from AVChat 3 installations placed on localhost from the settings.asc/ settings files
  • Security: admins are not able to kick other admins anymore and admins can not be blocked by other users any more
  • Security: access to the admin Settings window can be controlled via the new adminCanAccessSettings variable

Bug fixes:

  • When receiving a new PM, you were automatically switched to the new PM window. Now the new PM windows open in the background.
  • The users list will now behave better with large number of users in a single room without slowing the chat down
  • When mic was OFF and you also turned OFF the cam, the mic would switch to ON
  • Fixed issue with “My viewers” users list not being updated properly
  • Fixed issue with the limited video time counting down after the broadcaster had left the chat
  • Fixed an issue where Rooms with max X users would only allow X-1 users to log in
  • When you first joined a room, private streams from people in that rooms were shown as being public
  • The sendFileToUserEnabled setting files influenced the visibility of the Send PM button in the users side menu
  • the [Rooms] button in the top bar was not initiated with the label from the translation file

How to get the new AVChat 3 release

You can obtain the latest AVChat 3 build by downloading the software again ( using the download link from the delivery/trial email) and:

  • doing a clean install
  • overwrite all the old files including the FMIS/Red5 server side files and the translation files

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