Hello all, as promised the May build is here and it has some great new features some of which the client requested and some that we thought would come in handy for you. We have also fixed in this version some reported bugs and some unreported ones.

There are a few new key features in this build such as the possibility of  leaving  the last room when a user has joined only one room).This is an important feature because, in the past, when an admin would try to kick an user(from a room, not from the entire chat) that joined only a room it had no effect because the user couldn’t leave that room.

Another  important feature is the persistent block. This feature was requested by many of our clients. Now, when you block an user and reload the chat,  the block will still be there.

Here’s the entire list of what’s new:

  • Rotating text messages can be inserted in the text chat every X seconds (period controlled by the new  rotatingMessageTime in avc_settings.xxx). The script responsible with feeding the text messages is set through rotatingMessageUrl (setting in avc_settings.xxx). A count parameter is sent through GET to the script telling the script the number of times the script has been called ( this way you can set different frequency of appearance for different messages ).
  • You can now can leave the last room you are in and get back to the Rooms panel.
  • We’ve finally added persistent blocking (refreshes don’t kill the blocking list anymore) .
  • You can now redirect all links posted in the chat to a local link verifying script that checks the link and allows the browser to take the user or not to that link. This is achieved through checkLinkUrl setting in avc_settings.xxx .
  • dragEnabled setting added to avc_settings.xxx to control whether or not the items of the interface can be moved around (webcams are always draggable) .
  • showOnlineTime setting in avc_settings.xxx to control whether to show or not to show the user the online time period in the upper menu .
  • You can control weather or not to transform the urls into links in the text area through interpretLinks setting in avc_settings.xxx .
  • Custom error messages are thrown if any of the xml’s (such as badwords.xml, etc.) loaded during the “Loading Settings…” phase fails to load .
  • You can now disable the echo cancellation filter applied to Speex audio streams in the chat (useEchoCancelation setting added to avc_settings.xxx) .

Here’s what’s fixed:

  • fixed the problem where admins couldn’t view the private cams after implementing the new mechanism for private cams
  • fixed the consistency problems (duplicates and so on) with the en.xml translation file
  • the silence screen now disappears automatically after X seconds
  • fixed some errors on Wowza
  • the eye icon misalignment  problem
  • fixed an error thrown when resizing the interface during the “Loading Setting…” screen
  • fixed the  position of the elements from the login screen when being resized vertically

How to get the new build:

The new build is available in your private client/trial areas.

How to upgrade an existing build:

You need to overwrite your existing AVChat files (both client side and server side) and clear your browser cache(this is very important because if you use a cached version on AVChat the application will not run corectly).

Forum thread:

There’s a forum thread regarding this build available here.

Next day update(build 1506):

Build 1506 is now available for download now and it fixes a few issues reported in the forum with build 1505:

  • The users list disappearing sometimes when closing a room (Wowza only)
  • The time shown in the text chat for each message was not correct when using US type time (like 5:32 pm)
  • When denying a private webcam access request the request wasn’t disappearing

Second day update (build 1510)

Due to some critical bugs reported in our forum we’ve came up with a new version that fixes the following:

  • the persistent block had no effect (introduced in 1506 build)
  • admin could view the private cams even though they were not allowed
  • inserting emoticons in the text chat area caused the text  formatting  to break

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