Last week we’ve done a silent launch of AVChat build 1365 and by the time we managed to put the blog post up this morning we already had a few new issues fixed.

So, today we’re doing a new build of AVChat (1370) with the following fixes:

  • fixed issue with text chat area hiding certain surfaces when resizing it by the red arrow
  • fixed issue with text chat area growig in width out of the video chat area when lowering the width of the users list
  • fixed issue with resizing your webcam affecting the size of the users lista area
  • users list area now defaults in width (when the video chat starts) to the width of the your webcam area
  • fixed issue with “IDS_NOBROADCAST” showing up when someone you’re looking at closes their webcam

Compared to build 1365 in this build only the 2 swf files (index.swf and admin.swf) have been changed, so if you’re already on build 1365 just update it with the new swf files.

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