Hello everyone, this is Radu and I will be handling AVChat Integrations from now on at NuSoft. My 1st project was to bring up to day the AVChat Video Chat Module for phpFox 3. Today I am proud to release build 3131 of the AVChat Video Chat Module for phpFox 3.x. In this build we’ve fixed issues and added some new cool features & permissions. New Features & Improovements: We’re now officially supporting phpFox 3.7 Members can not change their phpFox gender in the login screen for AVChat and will be auto logged in. We’ve added two new options (“Popup Window Width”, ”Popup Window Height”) in the AVChat Module Settings that allow you to specify the exact dimensions of the pop[…]

We’ve made a small bug fix to our SocialEngine Integration Kit for AVChat that fixes the following error: Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘Videochat/Mobile_Detect.php’ (include_path=’/home/avchat/public_html/se/application/libraries:/home/avchat/public_html/se/application/libraries/PEAR:.’) in /home/avchat/public_html/se/application/modules/Avchat3/views/scripts/index/index.tpl on line 57 The new build number is 3135 and can be downloaded from your private client area. You can also solve the above issue by editing application/modules/Avchat3/views/scripts/index/index.tpl and replacing Videconference with videconference  (lowercase v).  

Hi everyone, In this tutorial I will show you how to setup AVChat and SocialEngine in order to build a paid membership website with 2 member levels where the video chat is a big part of it. AVChat 3, when used with the Integration Kit for SocialEngine 4,  has many options that allows you to differentiate a non paying member from a paying member by limiting access to some AVChat premium features or to the entire chat and encourage non paying members to upgrade. When configured properly this will substantially grow the subscription revenues for your website. The website we are trying to build will have 3 different member levels: visitors (Public) will not be allowed access to website content and[…]

Hello and hope you had a great Easter. But we didn’t rest to much these days and updated the AVChat3 Integration Kit for Joomla! 1.6-2.5 (build 1486). We brought minor updates and bug fixes to the integration kit, and here there are: We’ve updated the AVChat Admin Interface page to tell you when the admin.swf file is missing or the installation of the integration kit was not performed properly. Changed the minimum Flash Player version necessary to run our software from 10.0 to 10.3 because of new AVChat requirement introduced in build 1461. Improved “room dropping” from “Who’s chatting module” in order to perform the “drop” action correctly. Resolved issue with popup dimensions not being taken into account when you[…]

Hello all, This is the first build with the new dedicated team for AVChat (more on that in a future blog post) and we’ve tried to implement some of the requests that you’ve asked for but also fix some of the bugs reported and unreported. The main new feature in this build is the Silence feature which allows admins to block users from doing anything in a chat room for 30 seconds (period can be changed). Here’s how it looks when you’re silenced: So, here’s everything that’s new: Silence option for admins that offers to an admin the option to silence an user for an amount of time controlled from avc_settings.xxx (silenceDuration). There is also a setting (adminCanSilenceOtherAdmins) to control[…]

But now it’s back up for members, and in a few days we will make it available for visitors again too. For security reasons we hat to delete all the accounts up to 1 October with 0 posts. When we first started the forum we did not realize how much maintenance it needs, but it does , alot of it. On of the issues that require a lot of attention is security. There are a huge number of spam bots and spam companies out there that can make your life very miserable, and they did it for us last week. We woke up on Monday morning with a call from the hosting company saying the forum server is comming under immense[…]

We’ve been silent for a while now on the AVChat front but ohh boy do we have some news for you today! Today we’re releasing build 1365 of AVChat, our flagship video chat software. This build comes to fix most of the issues that have appeared since our last build and implements many of the functionalities that have been requested in the forum. Thank you all for the suggestions for the bug reports for the discussions we had and for helping making AVChat a better software. Now let’s move on to what changes this new build brings upon us. First, we have a new emoticons pack We’ve licensed this 36 square emoticons pack and included it in this build for[…]

There are some bugs fixed and some new features in this one: New Features: smaller size of swf files. Due to the new framework from Flex the size of the swfs got bigger. We’ve managed to reduce the size to 321 kb. fonts.xml will actually do something. You can now specify inside fonts.xml what fonts will be available for the client in the fonts drop down selector from the text chat area. Drupal 7, vldPersonals 2.5.x and 2.6 compatibility. Red5 1.0 RC1 support. There is a new flash var named userId that you can send to index.swf /admin.swf via GET. The variable and value will be sent back to avc_settings.xxx via GET. The build number is now present in avchat3.properties/settings.asc[…]

You want to find out what version of Red5 is running on your server? There are a few ways: 1) Look at the Red5 welcome page on port 5080. To see the welcome page just go to http://yourred5server.com:5080 in your web browser. It’s not the most accurate but it’s the fastest and you don’t need access to the Red5 installation. Here are the welcome screens for different versions. Red5 0.8 welcome page: Red5 0.9.1 welcome page: Red5 1.0 RC1 welcome page: 2) Look in docs/changelog.txt Look in the Red5 installation folder/docs/changelog.txt . You will immediately see the Red5 version there: 3) Pay attention to the Red5 startup log During startup, Red5 will show the Red5 version, here is where to[…]