The May Build of AVChat 3 (due next week) will have support for the Speex audio codec introduced in Flash Player 10. This will mean better audio quality,lower latency and less bandwidth usage than before! This is one of the reasons we’ve switched to Flash Player 10 for AVChat 3 starting with the April Build, other changes will include separate volume control for each web cam and proper behaviour when the users denies access to his web cam and mic. The old codec we’ve been using so far in AVChat 3, the NellyMoser Asao codec, was introduced in Flash Player 6 and was licensed by Adobe from NellyMoser Inc. . Because NellyMoser Inc. had the full rights to the audio[…]

Overview In order to show on your website who is logged in the video chat, AVChat 3 generates 2 external files in the folder where it is installed: users__definst_.txt -> a text file containing the number of unique users connected to the video chat users__definst_.xml -> an xml file containing the list of rooms and users in each room You will see these files ONLY AFTER THE FIRST USER (NOT ADMIN) LOGS IN THE VIDEO CHAT! Starting with build 2768 the external users list is generated even if someone joins the chat through the admin interface. You can use these 2 files to show on your website how many clients are logged in, the room structure or which clients are logged in! How[…]

This article no longer contains up to date information. A revised documentation can be found here. AVChat 3 supports emote icons and you can add your own emote icons if you want to! By default AVChat 3 uses the emote icons in the emoticonsstandardPack folder. The list of available emote icons in this pack is contained in emoticonsstandardPackemoticons.xml . You can edit this file to add and remove emote icons. To add an emote icon to the standard pack: Put the emote icon file (swf, jpg, png, gif) in the emoticonsstandardPack folder. Edit emoticonsstandardPackemoticons.xml and add a new e element before the final </emoticons> tag: <e text=”:newemoteicon:” url=”emoticons/standardPack/newemoteicon.swf”></e> Upload the new emote icon file and the changed emoteicons.xml file to your[…]

Ghost users are a known issue with all media servers. What is a ghost user? A ghost user is a user who’s disconnection from the media server has not been detected by the media server, thus the media server thinks he is still connected. In a chat you will know there are ghost users when you see 2-3 persons in the users list having the same user name or persons staying for unusual lenghts of time in the chat without activity. What causes ghost users? They happen when a user suddenly disconnects from the Internet while connected to a media server (for example by suddenly disconnecting your Ethernet cable or loosing WiFi signal) but in other occasions too like when[…]

Our new AVChat 3 Application for IP.Board 3 provides full integration with an IP.Board 3 Forum. IP.Board Video Chat Forum Members will be able to: Login into the new IP.Board chat with their username and gender One to one, one to many and many to many public and private video chat Create & join multiple public and private rooms Access user profiles directly from the chat Link their profile image into the chat Share files with other members in chat rooms Watch YouTube movies into the chat rooms Admins will be able to: Configure permissions for each user group Kick/ Ban users Assign admin rights to other user groups and configure admin permissions. Other features: The application can be installed as any[…]

Most of the effort for this build has gone into optimizing the code for handling lots of users (hundreds of users in one room) but there are also some new neat features and UI improovements and a few bug fixes. New features: When a person leaves the room or the chat his web cam closes for the users who were watching him. Moved auto scroll/disable join/leave messages/sound toggle buttons to the bottom of the text chat area: Added option in the chat interface to disable the picture/YouTube videos previews (see above). Improoved memory usage monitor with current + max values and fps display: Flash Player 10 is now required, more on that in a future post. Admins can now also[…]

The latest build of AVChat 3, made available for download today, packs some awesome new features: Tool tips on most buttons in the UI. Better UI (you can now re size your cam and the users list, other cams are now floating on top of the text chat area,cam borders are drawn correctly, slightly skinnier interface with default padding set to 6px). YouTube videos now play (again) in the actual YouTube player. Added option in the UI to show join/leave messages in the text chat. Lots of small updates for the text chat (proper html encoding for html characters, better detection/highlight mechanism for links, in some cases text chat would go over YouTube videos/pictures previews). Some small changes to the[…]

Why a connection attempt to a working media server might fail: Red5, FMIS and Wowza by default only accept  rtmp connections over port 1935. This will work fine for most home Internet connections however when your user is behind a corporate firewall/network he might hit 2 major restrictions: NO traffic/connections to non standard ports like 1935 (default port for rtmp). Traffic is only allowed to standard ports like 80 (http) and 443 (https) . The solution for this is to configure the media server to accept  rtmp connections over ports 443 and 80 . NO non-http traffic allowed (or a proxy server is used). The solution for this is to configure the media server to accept  rtmpt connections. Rtmpt is[…]

Just like the title says, we now provide a native AVChat 3 Plugin for WordPress that handles the integration between the user management system in WordPress and AVChat 3. Some of the Features: automatic username recoginition (AVChat 3 will automatically recognize the usernames of users logged in the WordPress web site ) allows different permissions and settings for each user role directly from admin area it installs as any other WordPress plugin is compatible with SEO friendly URL’s in WordPress administrators can configure basic AVChat 3 settings (like the rtmp connectionstring) directly from the admin area The price for the AVChat 3 Video Chat Plugin for WordPress is $49 and it’s available when you buy AVChat 3. To buy it[…]

Based on our customers suggestions we decided to improve the Drupal 6 Module for AVChat 3 . We reorganized it, we changed the way it works, and most important we added some cool new features: User profiles can now be accessed directly from the chat. The users list now shows the profile pictures (works only if “User Settings->Picture Support” is enabled from Administer) Settings for each user role. If one user is assigned to more user roles, then the module will take the best value (Example: A user is assigned to two roles: authenticated and gold member. Free Video Time for “authenticated” role is 1 hour and for “gold members” role is 2 hours. The module will allow the user to have[…]