New features: Wowza Media Server compatibility (more on that in a later post). We switched to the AS3 You Tube API, which means you can now see more than 1 video in the chat. The You Tube controls had to change tough to something simpler! . The color of the Top Status Bar is now the same with the color of the windows. The user’s avatar is now shown in the Top Status Bar and avatars now have rounded corners. The radius is controlled via style.css (cornerradius property from the windows class): Avatars now keep their aspect ratio. Admins now have the ability to close rooms ( users can not join closed rooms ): The Rooms List now shows separate[…]

The login screen in AVChat 3 shows up to ask the user for its username and gender. However if you provide these info’s via avc_settings.php or avc_settings.asp the login is not needed anymore so it will be skipped! So this is what you need to do in order to auto login users: set the value of $config[‘username’] to something (like the username of the person logged in the website) change the value of $config[‘gender’] to male, female or couple set $config[‘changegender’]=0; so the user will not be given the chance to change its gender set $config[‘changeuser’]=0; so the user will not be given the chance to change its username You can also use $config[‘disableGenderSelection’] to disable the gender selection altogether and[…]

As we promised, the  AVChat 3 video chat module for phpFox 2 is ready. Besides compatibility with phpFox 2, this module is more powerful, easier to install and easier to use than the one we had for 1.6 . Features in the phpFox 2 module: automatic user name, gender and profile picture integration independent permissions control for each user group (in admin control panel) user profiles integration automatic integration with the user and admin menus it installs as any other phpFox 2 module compatible with SEO friendly URL’s in phpFox The price for the video chat module for phpFox 2 is $49 (includes the video chat module for phpFox 1.6 too) and its available when you buy AVChat 3. To[…]

About bandwidth usage The bandwidth usage/month depends on many factors and can never be guessed without several days of actual running the video chat software on your website: number of people online watching cams and how much time they spend watching number of people online broadcasting cams and how much time they spend broadcasting how many cams a user can see at once audio/video quality (128,256,512kbits/s etc…) For example a user broadcasting its webcam for 30 minutes at 256kbits/s will use  57Mbytes of bandwdith (256kbits/s * 60 seconds * 30 minutes=57Mbytes). Another user viewing the first one for 30 minutes will use the same amount: 57Mbytes. Total: 114Mbytes for a 30 minute 1 to 1 video chat session. Reducing bandwidth usage AVChat[…]

Error 1: If, when trying to connect using AVChat 3, you are getting this error message: Connection failed, media server might be down or firewall might be blocking the connection! like this: You need to check: your rtmp connection string inserted in the media server might not be running (you can check if Red5 is running by going to the media server might have not started properly (thus is not running, you can check the logs in Red5/log for any ERROR messages during startup) there is a firewall on the media server blocking TCP traffic over port 1935 (and 5080) the user trying to connect is behind a firewall that blocks the connection (either a personal one installed on[…]

We are pleased  to announce that we have finished work on 2 new integration kits for AVChat 3: AVChat 3 Product  for vBulletin: automatic username and avatar picture detection administrators can edit access to video chat features and limitations for each usergroup administrators can enable/disable features from the AVChat 3 Admin Area for moderators and super moderators (kick, ban, etc…) fully allow/disallow access to the video chat for any usergroup profile links integration installs as any other vBulletin product/plugin You can find more info about the AVChat 3 Product for vBulletin here. Currently only vBulletin 3.8 is supported but we are working on making it compatible with 4.0 . If you’re using older versions like 3.6 let us know. AVChat 3 Module for[…]

New features: New look for the audio only stream windows: Admins can now view how many mic/ web cams a user has installed on his system: As a website owner you can specify URL’s to where users should be redirected after they are baned/kicked Added a new settings in to turn on/off the shadows casted by windows inside the chat, to turn on/off the display of time stamps in the text chat and to turn on/off the bandwidth usage graph in the top bar Audio/video streams can now be private by default (new setting in You can now disable inline images from the settings file The AVChat 3 Joomla Components are now released under the GPL license The[…]

Changing the license key: Why would I change the license key? Insert a new trial key Switch from trial to non-trial key Switch the domain on which the software will be used Upgrade from Lite to 40 users (for example) What do I have to do? Log in the video chat using the admin interface (admin.swf) Click the Settings button at the top In the window that shows up, delete the old key from the text field and insert the new key Press the [Change Key] button If successful, you should now see the new  limits/expiration date/domain above the license key text field! Resetting the license key: If something goes awfully wrong and you find yourself locked out of the[…]

What’s new? Users can now mute the sounds they hear when new messages kick in public/private rooms: Changed the way images are shown in the chat, now with disappearing Loading… messages and File not found notifications. The Red5 version got a new ghosts connections disconnection script.. Admins can not ban other admins anymore (client side protection and server side protection for security). The text chat now contains only the last 100 items (messages,images,YT movies) to prevent it from using up all the computer’s memory when the video chat was used fora very looong time (we know! it creates addiction! 🙂 ). Added some new/missing strings to the language file (Loading…, File not found! and You are not  frequenting the same[…]