This article no longer contains up to date information. A revised documentation can be found┬áhere. AVChat 3 supports emote icons and you can add your own emote icons if you want to! By default AVChat 3 uses the emote icons in the emoticonsstandardPack folder. The list of available emote icons in this pack is contained in emoticonsstandardPackemoticons.xml . You can edit this file to add and remove emote icons. To add an emote icon to the standard pack: Put the emote icon file (swf, jpg, png, gif) in the emoticonsstandardPack folder. Edit emoticonsstandardPackemoticons.xml and add a new e element before the final </emoticons> tag: <e text=”:newemoteicon:” url=”emoticons/standardPack/newemoteicon.swf”></e> Upload the new emote icon file and the changed emoteicons.xml file to your[…]