But now it’s back up for members, and in a few days we will make it available for visitors again too. For security reasons we hat to delete all the accounts up to 1 October with 0 posts. When we first started the forum we did not realize how much maintenance it needs, but it does , alot of it. On of the issues that require a lot of attention is security. There are a huge number of spam bots and spam companies out there that can make your life very miserable, and they did it for us last week. We woke up on Monday morning with a call from the hosting company saying the forum server is comming under immense[…]

Due to numerous spam accounts created on our forum today we upgraded it to the latest version (IP.Board 3.2.5) to benefit from the IPS Spam Monitoring Service which is a cool service offered by the forum developers that monitors (and prevents) the spam across all active installations. There’s also a bunch of other new stuff which you can read about here. So please bear with us as we: update the theme (we had to default to the standard theme for now) figure out why all but a few avatars are gone (we suspect this has to do with the weird confusion between the avatar and the profile picture in the version of the forum that we were using) See you[…]

We used to solve all AVChat issues by email, and it was wrong because all the info we’ve shared by email is now locked in those private email discussions, and believe me there’s a lot of useful info in those emails! That’s why we’ve now launched a proper, public, forum : http://avchat.net/forum/,  to make all that „problem solving info” available to everyone! The entire AVChat team will be answering questions in there so expect proper deep technical documented answers. There are special areas for all our products including AVChat, the HD  video recorder and the audio recorder. The private and personal support by email is still available to our customers, the forum is just an addition!