Due to numerous spam accounts created on our forum today we upgraded it to the latest version (IP.Board 3.2.5) to benefit from the IPS Spam Monitoring Service which is a cool service offered by the forum developers that monitors (and prevents) the spam across all active installations. There’s also a bunch of other new stuff which you can read about here. So please bear with us as we: update the theme (we had to default to the standard theme for now) figure out why all but a few avatars are gone (we suspect this has to do with the weird confusion between the avatar and the profile picture in the version of the forum that we were using) See you[…]

Our new AVChat 3 Application for IP.Board 3 provides full integration with an IP.Board 3 Forum. IP.Board Video Chat Forum Members will be able to: Login into the new IP.Board chat with their username and gender One to one, one to many and many to many┬ápublic and private video chat Create & join multiple┬ápublic and private rooms Access user profiles directly from the chat Link their profile image into the chat Share files with other members in chat rooms Watch YouTube movies into the chat rooms Admins will be able to: Configure permissions for each user group Kick/ Ban users Assign admin rights to other user groups and configure admin permissions. Other features: The application can be installed as any[…]