Hello everyone and Happy New Year. We here at NuSoft are proud to release the first build of AVChat for the year 2014. The Major Features Room Music Player Every room can now have it’s own music playlist with music tracks from SoundCloud and Youtube. Upon entering the respective room the music player will automatically start to play the songs. This feature is controlled by the new setting enableMusicForRooms found in avc_settings.xml. By default this is enabled. When creating a new room if the feature is enabled you will notice a new text area in the room creation window. In this text area you can add SoundCloud and YouTube track links as seen in the image above, this way a playlist list[…]

Another month has passed and we’ve been busy adding new features to help users get the most out of AVChat. So with no further ado, let’s get to it 🙂 New features added for desktop client: We’ve continued to develop the moderator feature. Moderators now have the option to ban users from the room and to choose the amount of ban time. Users that are banned/kicked from a room are notified by a specific message, and are informed of the amount of ban-time left before they can re-enter the specific room they have been banned from.   The moderators of the room are now marked with a specific icon in the users list. AVChat can now be set to function in video-only[…]

This build is primarily focused on integrating AVChat with new technologies and adapting it to be compatible with even more mediums. We started off working on making AVChat compatible with the latest version of Red5 1.0.1. We got it working but we still have some important issues we have to nail down before we can release a stablem version for Red 5 1.0.1 . We also want to do some load tests and see if there is any difference between 0.8 and 1.0.1 in regards to performance. Until we get all that sorted out  AVChat will continue to work on Red5 0.8 and Red5 1.0 RC1. We also continued the development of the Wowza server-side modifications that are necessary for the mobile client to[…]