Hello everybody ! Probably some of you are wondering if there’s a way to make Red5 start automatically after a server reboot. Yes there is. Here’s how to¬†autostart Red5: log in as root in your server once logged in, type these commands: cd /etc/init.d/ touch red5 chmod 777 red5 you just created a configuration file for Red5 now, you have to edit this file. If you’re using a FTP client as Filezilla or TotalCommander, go to /etc/init.d/ folder and search for red5 fie edit it with a text editor paste inside the script below #!/bin/bash # chkconfig: 2345 85 85 # description: Red5 flash streaming server # processname: red5 PROG=red5 RED5_HOME=/opt/red5 DAEMON=$RED5_HOME/$PROG.sh PIDFILE=/var/run/$PROG.pid # Source function library . /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions [[…]