We are proud to bring you this year’s first build of AVChat that has a lot of major changes and a heap of improvements for both the Flash client and the HTML5 client Here are the new features: 1. Red5 support for the mobile AVChat 3 client is here. Setting it up: The mobile client requires a Web Server: A  web server with at least PHP 5.3.10  hosting the chat.  Socket support must be enabled. You can use phpinfo(); to check if sockets are enabled. After a normal installation, open avchat3.properties and change the webServerIp setting (new setting) to reflect the IP  of your web server. Also you might want to disable some of the red5 logs, because when someone connects from the mobile client, Red5 will[…]

Hello everybody ! Probably some of you are wondering if there’s a way to make Red5 start automatically after a server reboot. Yes there is. Here’s how to autostart Red5: log in as root in your server once logged in, type these commands: cd /etc/init.d/ touch red5 chmod 777 red5 you just created a configuration file for Red5 now, you have to edit this file. If you’re using a FTP client as Filezilla or TotalCommander, go to /etc/init.d/ folder and search for red5 fie edit it with a text editor paste inside the script below #!/bin/bash # chkconfig: 2345 85 85 # description: Red5 flash streaming server # processname: red5 PROG=red5 RED5_HOME=/opt/red5 DAEMON=$RED5_HOME/$PROG.sh PIDFILE=/var/run/$PROG.pid # Source function library . /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions [[…]

You want to find out what version of Red5 is running on your server? There are a few ways: 1) Look at the Red5 welcome page on port 5080. To see the welcome page just go to http://yourred5server.com:5080 in your web browser. It’s not the most accurate but it’s the fastest and you don’t need access to the Red5 installation. Here are the welcome screens for different versions. Red5 0.8 welcome page: Red5 0.9.1 welcome page: Red5 1.0 RC1 welcome page: 2) Look in docs/changelog.txt Look in the Red5 installation folder/docs/changelog.txt . You will immediately see the Red5 version there: 3) Pay attention to the Red5 startup log During startup, Red5 will show the Red5 version, here is where to[…]

We’ve made a little test today with the latest version of AVChat (1059) which has some optimized media server file for Red5. 1) We’ve installed Red5 0.8 on an old Toshiba M70 laptop with these specs: Pentium M 1.7Ghz (FSB:400Mhz with 2Mb of 2nd level cache) 1G DDR2 RAM 60GB HDD @ 5400rpm 100Mbps Intel network card Ubuntu 10.04 LTS which is connected to our LAN via wire. 2) Once Red5 was up and running on the laptop, we used an internal flash app named “AVChat Virtual User” to create load on the Red5 server! This app creates a lot of virtual users, once each user is created it connects to the avchat30 app on the media server. Once connected […]

The latest build of AVChat 3, made available for download today, packs some awesome new features: Tool tips on most buttons in the UI. Better UI (you can now re size your cam and the users list, other cams are now floating on top of the text chat area,cam borders are drawn correctly, slightly skinnier interface with default padding set to 6px). YouTube videos now play (again) in the actual YouTube player. Added option in the UI to show join/leave messages in the text chat. Lots of small updates for the text chat (proper html encoding for html characters, better detection/highlight mechanism for links, in some cases text chat would go over YouTube videos/pictures previews). Some small changes to the[…]

Red5 0.8 support We are glad to announce that AVChat 3 for Red5 0.8 is now available. Only Red5 0.8 is supported! We do no plan to support Red5 0.7 or earlier versions because  0.8 is the most stable Red5 release yet and we encourage everyone to upgrade their Red5 installation if they have not done so already! To purchase AVChat 3 now visit the purchase page! When you purchase AVChat 3 you will now get both the FMIS and the Red5 media server files. Other Enhancements after logging in the chat, when joining the first room the welcome message is shown at the bottom of the existing text chat (history) you can now change the amount of lines of[…]

AVChat 2.1 and AVConference 1.1 are now fully compatible with the free open source Red5 media server. Absolutely all the features in both softwares are implemented in the new Red5 versions. Red5 is a free, open source, Java based, alternative to Adobe’s Flash Media Server. Altough the server is in pre-alpha there are many production-ready applications that work on Red5 and many have chosen to use Red5 because its free and open source. To install Red5 you need a dedicated server. You can not install Red5 on a shared hosting plan. Red5 is available for both Windows and Linux. You can find more info about it here: [http://osflash.org/red5 Update 8/10/2015: This no longer exists] Until now AVChat 2 and AVConference[…]