But now it’s back up for members, and in a few days we will make it available for visitors again too.

For security reasons we hat to delete all the accounts up to 1 October with 0 posts.

When we first started the forum we did not realize how much maintenance it needs, but it does , alot of it. On of the issues that require a lot of attention is security. There are a huge number of spam bots and spam companies out there that can make your life very miserable, and they did it for us last week.

We woke up on Monday morning with a call from the hosting company saying the forum server is comming under immense load and they’re taking it down. This was not a good time. Between the work going into AVChat to fix the infamous dissappearing bans issue, the ongoing work at the IM to support video chat, the new guy’s 1st days at the office (we’ve hired a new developer to help us out 😉 more on that soon) and a few other things we have going on, we had no time to deal with the forum. On top of that, to put it back online we also had to sync up with the guys from the hosting company.

But one entire Friday of researching Ip.Board and forums security later we felt confident we could put it back up. So here we are 1 week later  doing just that.

I hope it being down has not caused any major troubles for anyone. We’ve learned a lot from this experience and with the new security measures in place it should be much more harder for anyone to take it down.

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