To see what AVChat 3 build you have installed you need to right click on the video chat software. The first item in the menu that shows up is the build number:

The AVChat 3 build number showing up on right click!
The AVChat 3 build number showing up on right click!

Why is the build number important?

The build number allows you to check if you have the latest version of our software.  If your build number is 284 and on the blog we announce a  new release with the build number 340, then it means you should consider upgrading your installation!

Each increment in the build number might represent any of the following things:

  • code cleaning
  • bug fix
  • new feature
  • new file
  • new entry in the translation file
  • new setting in the config files
  • etc…

but you should check the release notes for the exact new features and bug fixes in each build.

Build numbers on our demo of AVChat 3

Our online demo of AVChat 3 is frequently updated, so even tough the latest build available for download might be 284, the demo might be 310 for example. We update the demo more frequently to test new features and UI changes before we release these changes to the customers.

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