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AVChat Video Chat Plugin PRO for WordPress

Add Video Chat To Your WordPress Website

100+ Happy Customers

More than 100 websites have chosen AVChat + the AVChat Video Chat Plugin PRO to improve their WordPress website.

“What a great experience, from discovering a plugin that did exactly what I needed, to a team that goes way above and beyond helping me get set up. ”
May 13rd, 2013 by mindbodyseries
“Wow, I'd like to give a five-star to AVChat for their efforts to do their best to answer all of my questions.I think you can count on them. I highly recommend them.”
May 9th, 2013 by icndream
“Amazing software. crispy video, clear sound i don't know what else to ask for!! you would think avchat would stop at this!! but no!!! they have the best support team i ever encountered hands down!!! ”
Dec 19th, 2012 by goldnogard

Increase Member Sign Ups

With the AVChat Video Chat Plugin PRO for WordPress you can instantly increase member sign ups and retention.

High Quality Video Chat

One to one, one to many and many to many public and private video chat.Create & join multiple public and private rooms.Rich text chat with emote icons, file transfer, image sharing and YouTube videos

Facebook and Twitter Integration

Visitors can log in using their existing Facebook and Twitter accounts. The chat will show their FB/Twitter avatar, username and profile link. Once inside, these visitors will also be able to invite their Facebook/Twitter friends to join the chat.

Members Only Chat

You can limit chat access - or some of the chat features - only to certain (premium) member levels encouraging visitors to sign up (and regular members to upgrade.)

Generate More Revenue

AVChat pays for itself! It can generate real revenue from new ads, affiliate links and membership plans.

Show Ads on The Chat Page

Gartner predicts social media revenue will reach $34 billion by 2016, up from $11.8 billion in 2011.

Add Google AdSense to the chat page and profile pages of your members and start earning real cash from your new website.

The chat will also generate new page views for your member profile pages.

Charge for Chat Access & Features

AVChat - or just some of it’s features - can be configured to be available only to premium member levels thus encouraging regular members and visitors to subscribe to your premium membership plan.

Increase revenue through affiliate links in the chat

Mobile Version For Your Mobile Members

Keep your WordPress members connected on the go with mobile rooms, mobile text chat and mobile users list.

Login Screen With WordPress Integration

The login screen is the 1st screen a mobile member will see. With the WordPress Plugin PRO the username and gender options will already be filled with the members details.


The rooms screen allows you to view and join public rooms and how many people are in them.

Text Chat

The text chat is the main screen of the mobile version. It allows you to chat in real time with other people connected via mobile or desktop. The text chat supports emote icons.

Users List With Avatars

The users list shows you who is in chat, their gender avatar, weather or not they have webcams and if they're on a desktop or mobile device.

Seamless Integration With WordPress

The AVChat Video Chat Plugin PRO ($49) integrates seamlessly with WordPress, MultiSite and BuddyPress.

AVChat Video Chat Plugin PRO for WordPres

  • Same Username

    Members will have the same username in the website and in the video chat.

  • Same Profile Photo

    The profile photos from BudyPress are automatically used for the users list and text chat inside the video chat.

  • Member Level Permissions

    Control more than 15 permissions - including chat access, video chat, private messages, room creation, file sharing - for each member level in particular.

  • Linked Profile Pages

    View more info about the chat members by accessing their profile page directly from the chat.

  • Give admin abilities to user levels

    You can allow trusted member levels to moderate rooms, become invisible, kick, ban or view private messages and streams.

  • Easy To Configure

    All the important chat options are available int the WordPress backend where they're easy to access and configure.

  • Multi site support

    A multisite network is a collection of sites that all share the same WordPress installation. They can also share plugins and themes .The super admin can network activate AVChat Plugin PRO for all the websites or he can activate it individually for each of his websites.

  • BuddyPress support

    BuddyPress avatars will be used and BuddyPress users profiles can be accessed directly from AVChat

PRO vs. Standard

The AVChat Video Chat Plugin Standard (free) can be downloaded for free from http://wordpress.org/plugins/avchat-3/. Here's how it compares with the PRO version described in this page:

AVChat 3 Permissions / user role PRO (49$) Standard (Free)
Can access chat Check! Check!
Can access chat as admin Check! Check!
Can publish audio & video streams Check! Check!
Can send private messages Check! Check!
Can create rooms Check! Check!
Can stream private Check!
Can send files to rooms Check!
Can send files to users Check!
Can watch other people streams Check!
Can join other rooms Check!
Ability for the users to see who is watching them Check!
Can block other users Check!
Can buzz Check!
Can stop viewer from watching them Check!
Can ignore private messages Check!
Disable typing in the chat for specific user roles Check!
Show users how much they stayed online Check!
8 other permissions for limiting what AVChat admins can do Check!
AVChat 3 Settings / user role
Maximum streams a user can watch Check! Check!
Maximum rooms one can be in Check! Check!
Free video time / day Check!
Automaticaly drop users in specific rooms Check!
Username prefix Check!
AVChat 3 General Settings
RTMP Connection string ( to the media server ) Check! Check!
Login page url Check! Check!
Register page url Check! Check!
Facebook application ID Check! Check!
Invite link Check!
Disconnect button link Check!
Limit no. of characters users can type Check!
Set History length that users can see in chat Check!
Flip Tab Menu Check!
Hide Left Side of the chat Check!
Push 2 Talk default Check!
Display mode (embedded or popup) Check!
Allow Facebook login Check!
Other benefits
Multisite support Check!
BuddyPress support Check!
Free installation Check!
3 months of personalized support Check!
3 months of free updates Check!

Backend permissions per user group

From the WordPress backend you have quick access to the video chat permissions for each of your user groups:

Wordpress backend permissions for AVChat

Easy to Get Started Today

Free Installation, Free Tech Support & Updates, GPL License, 42 Payment Methods Accepted

Free Installation With Every Purchase

Create a social network on your own server. Download the WordPress source code and make any custom changes you want. Pick from hundreds of third-party themes and plugins. Includes 100% source code access and data ownership.

Free Tech Support and Developers to Back You Up

Every client is well covered by us. When you purchase you also get:

  • dedicated tech support for 3 months
  • access to all new versions for 3 months (The WordPress Plugin PRO is actively developed)
  • access to our community forum where you can talk to our devs

Open Source GPL License

The code for the AVChat Video Chat Plugin PRO is licensed under GPL which means it's unencrypted, you can study it, modify it and extend it to suit your needs.

The Video Chat Plugin PRO for WordPress is one of our best integrations. It has member level permissions, easy access to AVChat settings in the WordPress backend, easy to add ads and a Who's Online Module that's easy to use.

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The ideal plan for websites starting up

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The ideal plan for growing websites.

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$ 219
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The ideal plan for websites with more than 10.000 members.

Package details

$ 334
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What's included in this price? Everything
  • Video Chat Plugin PRO (one time fee)
  • AVChat license for 3 domains (production, dev and localhost)
  • 3 Months of free access to patches & new features
  • Open source PHP/JS/HTML code for the integration plugin
  • 3 Months of free customer support by email
  • Access to our WordPress documentation and offical support forum
What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund?

Yes you can ask for a reund within 10 days of receiving the software.

Can you install it for me?

Yes, we provide a free installation with every purchase. Contact contact@avchat.net after purchase.

Can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time your AVChat license to accomodate for more online users.

How can I pay?

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover/Novus, Dankort /VISA, Postepay (Visa), JCB, Carte Bleue (BlueCard), Solo, Direct Debit, Wire / Bank Transfer, Check, Fax, Purchase Order, Alipay, sofortbanking, Giropay, iDeal, Webmoney, PayNearMe, Boleto Bancario (Brazil), CashU, Ukash, IPS, Konbini (Japan), Pago Fácil (Argentina) , Barcode Santander (Chile), QIWI.