Our AVChat 3 Joomla Component is now compatible with JomSocial. JomSocial is a component that transforms your Joomla website into a social network! When installed on top of JomSocial the AVChat 3  Joomla Component: will use the profile pictures from the JomSocial profiles in the video chat’s users list will link the users inside the video chat to their JomSocial profile pages will login people in the video chat using the user names they have on the website As a Joomla admin you also have access to the video chat’s admin area from where you can ban and kick users, log in as hidden, delete existing rooms, peak into private discussions, manage banned users, view users IP’s etc… . Read[…]

To see what AVChat 3 build you have installed you need to right click on the video chat software. The first item in the menu that shows up is the build number: Why is the build number important? The build number allows you to check if you have the latest version of our software.  If your build number is 284 and on the blog we announce a  new release with the build number 340, then it means you should consider upgrading your installation! Each increment in the build number might represent any of the following things: code cleaning bug fix new feature new file new entry in the translation file new setting in the config files etc… but you should[…]

We have put a new build of AVChat 3 up today, this build (340) includes a lot of new small features and some important bug fixes. New features: You can now drag and resize the text chat area, other people’s web cams and the banned users window. A new red arrow is present in the lower right side corner of these windows: A new users list type which shows the avatar in a small format: Avatars (when available) are also shown in the side menu for each user: Added Sort by gender option: The banned users windows also shows the IP and user name of the person that added the ban When you buzz someone a confirmation message shows up:[…]

1) Protection against capturing the video streams Some software (like Replay Media Catcher) can capture (and save) any audio/video stream that you are receiving from a media server. It does that by analyzing your Internet traffic and looking for connections to media servers. When it finds one it attempts to make its own connection to the media server and thus gets access to the video stream! AVChat 3 protects you and your users from having your streams captured by such software by disconnecting such software from the media server at regular intervals (about 20 seconds). 2) Watermarks for video streams We’ve run into situations where certain users were capturing the video from other peoples streams using using screen capturing software and rebroadcasted it as their own video[…]