Changing the license key: Why would I change the license key? Insert a new trial key Switch from trial to non-trial key Switch the domain on which the software will be used Upgrade from Lite to 40 users (for example) What do I have to do? Log in the video chat using the admin interface (admin.swf) Click the Settings button at the top In the window that shows up, delete the old key from the text field and insert the new key Press the [Change Key] button If successful, you should now see the new  limits/expiration date/domain above the license key text field! Resetting the license key: If something goes awfully wrong and you find yourself locked out of the[…]

What’s new? Users can now mute the sounds they hear when new messages kick in public/private rooms: Changed the way images are shown in the chat, now with disappearing Loading… messages and File not found notifications. The Red5 version got a new ghosts connections disconnection script.. Admins can not ban other admins anymore (client side protection and server side protection for security). The text chat now contains only the last 100 items (messages,images,YT movies) to prevent it from using up all the computer’s memory when the video chat was used fora very looong time (we know! it creates addiction! 🙂 ). Added some new/missing strings to the language file (Loading…, File not found! and You are not  frequenting the same[…]