Why a connection attempt to a working media server might fail: Red5, FMIS and Wowza by default only accept  rtmp connections over port 1935. This will work fine for most home Internet connections however when your user is behind a corporate firewall/network he might hit 2 major restrictions: NO traffic/connections to non standard ports like 1935 (default port for rtmp). Traffic is only allowed to standard ports like 80 (http) and 443 (https) . The solution for this is to configure the media server to accept  rtmp connections over ports 443 and 80 . NO non-http traffic allowed (or a proxy server is used). The solution for this is to configure the media server to accept  rtmpt connections. Rtmpt is[…]

Just like the title says, we now provide a native AVChat 3 Plugin for WordPress that handles the integration between the user management system in WordPress and AVChat 3. Some of the Features: automatic username recoginition (AVChat 3 will automatically recognize the usernames of users logged in the WordPress web site ) allows different permissions and settings for each user role directly from admin area it installs as any other WordPress plugin is compatible with SEO friendly URL’s in WordPress administrators can configure basic AVChat 3 settings (like the rtmp connectionstring) directly from the admin area The price for the AVChat 3 Video Chat Plugin for WordPress is $49 and it’s available when you buy AVChat 3. To buy it[…]

Based on our customers suggestions we decided to improve the Drupal 6 Module for AVChat 3 . We reorganized it, we changed the way it works, and most important we added some cool new features: User profiles can now be accessed directly from the chat. The users list now shows the profile pictures (works only if “User Settings->Picture Support” is enabled from Administer) Settings for each user role. If one user is assigned to more user roles, then the module will take the best value (Example: A user is assigned to two roles: authenticated and gold member. Free Video Time for “authenticated” role is 1 hour and for “gold members” role is 2 hours. The module will allow the user to have[…]

New features: Wowza Media Server compatibility (more on that in a later post). We switched to the AS3 You Tube API, which means you can now see more than 1 video in the chat. The You Tube controls had to change tough to something simpler! . The color of the Top Status Bar is now the same with the color of the windows. The user’s avatar is now shown in the Top Status Bar and avatars now have rounded corners. The radius is controlled via style.css (cornerradius property from the windows class): Avatars now keep their aspect ratio. Admins now have the ability to close rooms ( users can not join closed rooms ): The Rooms List now shows separate[…]