But now it’s back up for members, and in a few days we will make it available for visitors again too. For security reasons we hat to delete all the accounts up to 1 October with 0 posts. When we first started the forum we did not realize how much maintenance it needs, but it does , alot of it. On of the issues that require a lot of attention is security. There are a huge number of spam bots and spam companies out there that can make your life very miserable, and they did it for us last week. We woke up on Monday morning with a call from the hosting company saying the forum server is comming under immense[…]

We’ve made a new build of AVChat today that fixes some of the issues that were reported in the last build. Fixed issues: fixed issue with bans now showing up in the list of bans when using Red5 fixed issues with some connection attempts failing right after the key had been inserted when using Red5 fixed issue with missing ) at the end of the description in the rooms list window fixed issue with lock icon going over the eye icon Since we’ve worked a lot on the ban system we’ve also made the layout of the Ban Panel more obvious and easier to use and we’ve added the ability to ban any username at any time (you can also[…]

Last summer we made a small  silent build of the SE4 AVChat Module with a lot of focus o usability and understanding of features. We spent a lot of time  going over 1) what webmasters would need and 2) the copy. Today we’re taking this work even further with the following updates: automated update procedure from earlier module versions to current one (yeeeessssss finally) with proper version numbering to match the build numbers from your client area. even better descriptions of AVChat 3 permissions in the SE4 admin area removed unused permissions better AVChat 3 global settings bug fixes for the module and for the Who’s Chatting widget To update your AVChat 3 module for Social Engine 4: go to[…]