Hello and hope you had a great Easter. But we didn’t rest to much these days and updated the AVChat3 Integration Kit for Joomla! 1.6-2.5 (build 1486). We brought minor updates and bug fixes to the integration kit, and here there are: We’ve updated the AVChat Admin Interface page to tell you when the admin.swf file is missing or the installation of the integration kit was not performed properly. Changed the minimum Flash Player version necessary to run our software from 10.0 to 10.3 because of new AVChat requirement introduced in build 1461. Improved “room dropping” from “Who’s chatting module” in order to perform the “drop” action correctly. Resolved issue with popup dimensions not being taken into account when you[…]

Hello all, This is the first build with the new dedicated team for AVChat (more on that in a future blog post) and we’ve tried to implement some of the requests that you’ve asked for but also fix some of the bugs reported and unreported. The main new feature in this build is the Silence feature which allows admins to block users from doing anything in a chat room for 30 seconds (period can be changed). Here’s how it looks when you’re silenced: So, here’s everything that’s new: Silence option for admins that offers to an admin the option to silence an user for an amount of time controlled from avc_settings.xxx (silenceDuration). There is also a setting (adminCanSilenceOtherAdmins) to control[…]

Hello all, It has been a while since we did a proper AVChat build but now we’re putting together a new team to handle just AVChat. The 1st product of that team so far is this new build of AVChat which fixes a lot of outstanding issues. Here’s what’s new: Significantly improved security of private cams Echo Cancellation is now turned on by default when using Speex audio codec and thus Flash Player 10.3 is now required for AVChat to run. End users will be able to experience higher quality audio to aid conversation flow, without using a headset. We added a lineSpacing variable in avc_settings.xxx that controls the line spacing in AVChat 😀 includeIPSinUserList setting is now better explained[…]