Hey everybody, We got several requests these days regarding the messages that are automatically displayed in the chat. Some of you probably already know how to edit or disable the messages but we thought we should write a more comprehensive article about it. This feature was added in Build 1505 of AVChat 3 to give the website owner the ability to add info messages, text ads with links or any other announcements in the text chat. In detail The file which stores the messages is rotate_messages.php located in the AVChat 3 installation folder. It is called by AVChat 3 every rotatingMessageTime seconds (option in avc_settings.xml) and it sends to it a GET variable named count which stores the number of times it[…]

Another month has passed and we’ve been busy adding new features to help users get the most out of AVChat. So with no further ado, let’s get to it 🙂 New features added for desktop client: We’ve continued to develop the moderator feature. Moderators now have the option to ban users from the room and to choose the amount of ban time. Users that are banned/kicked from a room are notified by a specific message, and are informed of the amount of ban-time left before they can re-enter the specific room they have been banned from.   The moderators of the room are now marked with a specific icon in the users list. AVChat can now be set to function in video-only[…]