Hi everyone, In this tutorial I will show you how to build a paid membership website using AVChat 3, phpFox 3.x and PayPal as a payment system. Our website will have 3 different user groups and one of them will be paid. Here are  the features we’ve chosen for each of them. We’ve chosen them to encourage guests to register and registered members to subscribe and become Gold. Guests (Public) are not allowed to access the website content or the video chat Registered users (non paying members) will be able to access the content and chat but: are able to create their own private rooms and send private messages in AVChat they can only broadcast using low quality video and can’t make their stream[…]

Hello everyone, We’ve released a major new version of AVChat Plugin Pro for WordPress 3.x. We’ve given it the 2.0 version name (build 522) because we’ve made some seriously major changes: 1) We’ve fundamentally changed the way it works: we’ve switched from sessions to native WordPress code.  Sessions are not used anymore to store AVChat 3 settings and permissions. The changes are present in both integration.php and index_popup.php. This will solve the issues with index_popup not working properly when the user visited the page directly (without going through the WordPress chat page) and some issues we’ve seen with WordPress installs on CDNs and cached servers. 2) We’ve implemented better integration with BuddyPress and with WP User Avatar: correct path to the BuddyPress and WP User Avatar image correct[…]

Hello, We’ve just made some minor updates to the code for <a title=”AVChat 3 Integration Kit for vldPersonals” href=”http://avchat.net/integrations/vld-personals” target=”_blank”>AVChat 3 Integration Kit for vldPersonals</a>, build 3252. You can download this build from your private client area. AVChat teams wish you a great day!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. We here at NuSoft are proud to release the first build of AVChat for the year 2014. The Major Features Room Music Player Every room can now have it’s own music playlist with music tracks from SoundCloud and Youtube. Upon entering the respective room the music player will automatically start to play the songs. This feature is controlled by the new setting enableMusicForRooms found in avc_settings.xml. By default this is enabled. When creating a new room if the feature is enabled you will notice a new text area in the room creation window. In this text area you can add SoundCloud and YouTube track links as seen in the image above, this way a playlist list[…]