We are releasing this hotfix build to address some potential user experience breaking issues. Fixed an issue with the mobile client that was causing failed logins in some situations. Depending on the position of the useritem in the userslist, the sidemenu would’ve been displayed incorrectly when clicked while the user was broadcasting and the options couldn’t have been accessed. This is now fixed. Fixed silenced user exploit. A silenced user could’ve simply remove the silence modal that was over the userslist, by clicking the ‘viewers’ or ‘blocked’ tab. You can download the hotfix build of AVChat 3.6.2 from your private client area. You can login at https://nusofthq.com/c/ .

In the last months we gathered more client feedback so in this new build we included most of the major updates needed. New Userlist Positioning Users list can now be positioned to the right of the textchat by setting the new option moveUsersListToTheRight to 1. By default it is 0. Updates And Fixes When the userslist is hidden, my camera window and other cameras will be positioned starting on the left-most side, next to the edge of the screen. Implemented modal over camera windows to show that they are resizable. Made username and author name columns in BannedUsersList case insensitive upon sorting. Implemented hideTheseRooms setting also for the mobile version. License key can now be taken from avc_settings.xml through the new setting licenseKey. Fixed[…]