Hello all, Hope you had a great  May month. We have some new exciting features that we’ve developed for you for the June build.We’ve also tried,  with this build,  to release one the most stable builds so we’ve fixed allot of bugs and i want to take this opportunity to thank our clients that tested the beta version and gave us great feedback. The key feature in this build is the improved mechanism that creates private rooms (password protected) and allows users to join them. Let’s say that with the new mechanism you won’t have to worry that hackers can read your private conversations. Let’s see what else is  new in this build: Push to Talk: the “push to talk” […]

Hello all, as promised the May build is here and it has some great new features some of which the client requested and some that we thought would come in handy for you. We have also fixed in this version some reported bugs and some unreported ones. There are a few new key features in this build such as the possibility of  leaving  the last room when a user has joined only one room).This is an important feature because, in the past, when an admin would try to kick an user(from a room, not from the entire chat) that joined only a room it had no effect because the user couldn’t leave that room. Another  important feature is the persistent[…]

Hello all, This is the first build with the new dedicated team for AVChat (more on that in a future blog post) and we’ve tried to implement some of the requests that you’ve asked for but also fix some of the bugs reported and unreported. The main new feature in this build is the Silence feature which allows admins to block users from doing anything in a chat room for 30 seconds (period can be changed). Here’s how it looks when you’re silenced: So, here’s everything that’s new: Silence option for admins that offers to an admin the option to silence an user for an amount of time controlled from avc_settings.xxx (silenceDuration). There is also a setting (adminCanSilenceOtherAdmins) to control[…]

There are some bugs fixed and some new features in this one: New Features: smaller size of swf files. Due to the new framework from Flex the size of the swfs got bigger. We’ve managed to reduce the size to 321 kb. fonts.xml will actually do something. You can now specify inside fonts.xml what fonts will be available for the client in the fonts drop down selector from the text chat area. Drupal 7, vldPersonals 2.5.x and 2.6 compatibility. Red5 1.0 RC1 support. There is a new flash var named userId that you can send to index.swf /admin.swf via GET. The variable and value will be sent back to avc_settings.xxx via GET. The build number is now present in avchat3.properties/settings.asc[…]