Hi everyone, In this tutorial I will show you how to setup AVChat and SocialEngine in order to build a paid membership website with 2 member levels where the video chat is a big part of it. AVChat 3, when used with the Integration Kit for SocialEngine 4,  has many options that allows you to differentiate a non paying member from a paying member by limiting access to some AVChat premium features or to the entire chat and encourage non paying members to upgrade. When configured properly this will substantially grow the subscription revenues for your website. The website we are trying to build will have 3 different member levels: visitors (Public) will not be allowed access to website content and[…]

Hello everyone, We have just released a new version (build 3041) of our AVChat Integration Kit (containing the AVChat 3 Module and Who’s Chatting Widget) for SocialEngine 4. We have solved all the issues we encountered so far and added some cool new improvements. Improvements: We introduced a new editable “access denied ” message for when a member level (for example visitors – Public)  does not have access to the chat. This message can be changed for each member level from the SE backend:  Manage > Member Level AVChat 3 Permission. This build ships with pre-defined messages for the Public member level (visitors) and for the Default member level (although these members will not see the message unless they are denied access to[…]

Hello, We have updated the latest Joomla! Integration kits build 2793 with some minor bug fixes: We had a minor issue that was causing the Community Builder avatar to be missing from AVChat (thank  you Richard67 for reporting it in the forum). Our code now also uses the new male/female default avatars in the newest version of JomSocial 3.0. The Online Users Module was also modified to detect the new default avatars in the newest JomSocial version. The issues were now solved and the new build is available in the client area.

Hello everyone, I proudly announce that the new AVChat Integration kits for Joomla! build 2740 have been released. This new build solves all the problems we have encountered so far and in some cases the code has been completely rewritten. Also, we made sure each line of code was tested and reviewed. Once we’ve done all that we’ve updated the documentation to better cover the Components and Modules. Here’s the list of new features and bug fixes. New Features Joomla! 1.5: The component will now detect mobile devices and deliver the mobile version of AVChat 3; Included contextual messages during installation to guide user through a clean install; Registered users do not see the Register & Login tab during AVChat’s login screen; We’ve[…]

We have just released build 2196 of our Joomla! Integration Kit that fixes the issues with the installation on Joomla! 3.0. The issue was caused by some missing files and folders. We have updated the integration with the missing files and it should now work properly on Joomla! 3.0 . The new build is now available for download from the client area.