Our new AVChat 3 Application for IP.Board 3 provides full integration with an IP.Board 3 Forum. IP.Board Video Chat Forum Members will be able to: Login into the new IP.Board chat with their username and gender One to one, one to many and many to many public and private video chat Create & join multiple public and private rooms Access user profiles directly from the chat Link their profile image into the chat Share files with other members in chat rooms Watch YouTube movies into the chat rooms Admins will be able to: Configure permissions for each user group Kick/ Ban users Assign admin rights to other user groups and configure admin permissions. Other features: The application can be installed as any[…]

Just like the title says, we now provide a native AVChat 3 Plugin for WordPress that handles the integration between the user management system in WordPress and AVChat 3. Some of the Features: automatic username recoginition (AVChat 3 will automatically recognize the usernames of users logged in the WordPress web site ) allows different permissions and settings for each user role directly from admin area it installs as any other WordPress plugin is compatible with SEO friendly URL’s in WordPress administrators can configure basic AVChat 3 settings (like the rtmp connectionstring) directly from the admin area The price for the AVChat 3 Video Chat Plugin for WordPress is $49 and it’s available when you buy AVChat 3. To buy it[…]

Based on our customers suggestions we decided to improve the Drupal 6 Module for AVChat 3 . We reorganized it, we changed the way it works, and most important we added some cool new features: User profiles can now be accessed directly from the chat. The users list now shows the profile pictures (works only if “User Settings->Picture Support” is enabled from Administer) Settings for each user role. If one user is assigned to more user roles, then the module will take the best value (Example: A user is assigned to two roles: authenticated and gold member. Free Video Time for “authenticated” role is 1 hour and for “gold members” role is 2 hours. The module will allow the user to have[…]

As we promised, the  AVChat 3 video chat module for phpFox 2 is ready. Besides compatibility with phpFox 2, this module is more powerful, easier to install and easier to use than the one we had for 1.6 . Features in the phpFox 2 module: automatic user name, gender and profile picture integration independent permissions control for each user group (in admin control panel) user profiles integration automatic integration with the user and admin menus it installs as any other phpFox 2 module compatible with SEO friendly URL’s in phpFox The price for the video chat module for phpFox 2 is $49 (includes the video chat module for phpFox 1.6 too) and its available when you buy AVChat 3. To[…]