AVChat 3.6.3 changes the mechanism for automatic room creation to make setting up AVChat easier for scenarios that involve multiple instances – as when using it as an IM.

The server-side setting autoCreateDefaultRooms (which was available on Red5 and Adobe Media Server) has been deprecated and removed.  Its functionality has been replaced by the NEW defaultRooms setting/array.

By default the defaultRooms setting contains 1 room called The Lobby. All new instances (the _definst_ part of the connection string) of AVChat will have this room unless you change the value of the defaultRooms array. The id of this room will be r0 across AMS and Red5.

The rooms contained by the new setting will only be created if there are no rooms in the instance.

The full description of the setting is available in the settings files: avchat3.properties for Red5 and settings.asc for AMS.

The setting is not available on Wowza.

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