In the side menu for other people’s web cams, AVChat 3 now shows an estimation of how much it takes for the video and audio data to travel from the broadcaster to the viewer (trough the media server) . We call this value trip time but its also known as latency.

Video Stream Trip Time
Video Stream Trip Time

The value is not always 100% exact but it is a really good estimation!

For one to many broadcasts the trip time value  is not important, live TV broadcasts generally  have a 5-15 seconds delay to give broadcasters time to censor any audio needing censorship

A low trip time is really important when the audio/video communication goes both ways, for example when 2 people are in a video conference. Imagine what would happen if when talking with someone over the phone it would take 5 seconds for your voice to travel from you to the other person.

The trip time in AVChat 3 is influenced by

  • how close the broadcaster and the viewer are to the media server
  • sound quality (paradoxically the higher the better)
  • the Internet connection of the broadcaster and the viewer

Trip time values you are likely to get when your video chat users are close to the media server and have good, low latency, Internet connections:

  • 200 ms on audio+video streams
  • 50ms on video only streams

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