Red5 0.8 support

We are glad to announce that AVChat 3 for Red5 0.8 is now available.

Only Red5 0.8 is supported! We do no plan to support Red5 0.7 or earlier versions because  0.8 is the most stable Red5 release yet and we encourage everyone to upgrade their Red5 installation if they have not done so already!

To purchase AVChat 3 now visit the purchase page! When you purchase AVChat 3 you will now get both the FMIS and the Red5 media server files.

Other Enhancements

  • after logging in the chat, when joining the first room the welcome message is shown at the bottom of the existing text chat (history)
  • you can now change the amount of lines of previous text (history) chat that you see when joining a room
  • the code in avc_settings.asp has been changed from JavaScript to vbScript
  • default text used throughout the software is now Tahoma instead of Verdana. Verdana caused RTL text to be displayed in an awquard way!
  • you can now configure the path to the .xml language file (translations) in (languagefile variable)
  • you can now configure the software to automatically start broadcasting the users webcam and mics only if they have a webcam (if they have only a mic they dont start braodcasting, autoStartMyCamAndMicOnlyIfIHaveACam variable )
  • if you post a link to a image, the image will be automatically shown in the text chat

Bug fixes:

  • if you started braodcasting your webcam/mic while you were in two rooms, your broadcast could fail and other users could not see/hear you.
  • the external users list was not updated when a user started his webcam/mic
  • freevideotime=-1 in now disables the free video time limit
  • the history shared object for each room became large over time and joining rooms took too long
  • the SEND text chat button did not have a translation in the language file
  • When using the Joomla component  or Drupal module you could not take a webcam fullscreen
  • when clicking the U/I/B buttons the text chat input box does not loose focus anymore

How to get the new AVChat 3 release

You can obtain the latest AVChat 3 files by downloading the software again using the download link from the delivery/trial email. You will automatically download the latest build which includes all the bug fixes and feature enhancements mentioned in this post and the Red5 0.8 server side files. After downloading them do a clean install or overwrite all the old files including the FMS server side files!

What’s next?

We will start working on adding support for Wowza.

We are also gathering feedback on what major/minor features to add so if you want any features implemented send us an email at or leave a comment!

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