Quite a few updates this month! The focus was on making moderation easier for admins, that’s why we have new ban options, the ability to edit rooms, faster access to kick/ban/whois and a bunch of other small improvements that will make an admin’s life so much more easier!

New features:

  • You now have the ability to stop someone from viewing you(works best when cam is private because when cam is public the other user can just hit [View Cam] again):stop-him-from-viewing-you
  • Clicking on a username in the text chat will bring up the side menu for that user
  • Blocking someone will now prevent him from viewing you any more!

Security improovements:

  • New ban panel with ban by username/cookie and silent ban options:
    Silent ban means the other users do not get the “X has been banned” message.
  • Kick and ban messages now have a red background:redkick
  • The users list will now always display admins  on top ( admins that have the admin icon) regardless of the sort algorithm chosen.
  • Admins can now edit rooms, there is a new EDIT ROOM button in the rooms panel:
  • There’s a new option to automatically add the ip of users to the username in the users list. With this feature on users will be more careful about posting illegal material (links/pictures/webcam content/etc…). This feature is turned on in our online demo of AVChat, here’s how it looks:users-list-with-ips-turned-on
  • Admins will now see a ban kick and whois link for each text chat message(including for the ones in the history)  like this:kickbanwhois This will make moderation easier!
  • When an admin joins a room he will now see the last 100 messages instead of the last 20, this will allow him to better moderate what happened in the room while he was gone
  • The whois service (link) for when clicking the whois button can now be changed from avc_settings.xxx!

How to get the new AVChat 3 build:

  • download the software again from your client area

How to update your installation:

  • in the usual way: overwrite ALL the old files (including the en.xml language file and the media server files) and restart the media server!
  • if the above fails make a clean clean  install!

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