I am pleased to announce you the immediate availability of our new flagship product: AVChat 3, the successor to AVChat 2.

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New Technology

AVChat 3 is developed using ActionScript 3. This allows us to develop much more powerful and fast applications than before.

New Features

We’ve listened to our vocal clients and added a lot of requested features like private video streams and emote icon packs but we’ve also added a lot of new stuff we’ve thought about internally. Users will now be able to join  multiple rooms at the same time, they will be able to share YouTube movies, upload pictures to rooms, watch video streams in full screen and much more.

Webmasters and site admins have not been forgotten either, the dynamic reduction in bandwidth feature will save a lot of bandwidth on the media server, the rooms management has been rethinked and room creation is much more easier, you now have access to a lot of information about each user and the media server including total bandwidth usage.

Check out a more complete list of AVChat 3 features on the Features Tour page.

Media Server Support

AVChat 3 is now available for Flash Media Interactive Server, but support for Red5, Wowza and rtmpd will be rolled out in the following weeks.

Pricing & Upgrading from AVChat 2

Previous AVChat 2 clients

Clients who have purchased AVChat 2 within the last 3 months (starting 9 March 09), will get a free upgrade to AVChat 3.

These are the upgrade prices for clients who have purchased AVChat 2 prior to 9 March 2009 :

  • Upgrade from AVChat 2.x Lite to AVChat 3.x Lite: $47.5
  • AVChat 2.x 40 to AVChat 3.x 40: $87.5
  • AVChat 2.x 100 to AVChat 3.x: $127.5
  • AVChat 2.x Unlimited to AVChat 3.x Unlimited: $199.5

You can order your upgrade from the pricing/purchase page!

New clients

  • AVChat 3.x Lite (20 simultaneous users max ): $95
  • AVChat 3.x with 40 simultaneous users max: $135
  • AVChat 3.x with 100 simultaneous users max: $255
  • AVChat 3.x with 200 simultaneous users max: $399
  • AVChat 3.x with 500 simultaneous users max: $799
  • AVChat 3.x with Unlimited simultaneous users: $1249

More details on the pricing/purchase page!

Pricing for integration modules/plugins/components

We have decided to charge separately for integration modules, plugins and components because a surprising amount of work goes into developing, maintaining and supporting these extensions.

Right now we offer integration kits for Joomla 1.0 and 1.5, Drupal 5 and 6 and osDate. Kits for Social Engine and vldPersonals will soon follow. Each of them will be priced at $49 and will be available when you purchase the standalone version of AVChat 3.

What happens with AVChat 2?

We will continue to sell and support it as we have until now. No major features will be added tough, updates will include mostly bug fixing and support for new Red5/FMS versions.

2 thoughts on “AVChat 3.0 Launched

  1. Danny says:

    The new app is really cool guys, the way the YT movie shows up in the text chat..AWESOME! 🙂

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