The latest build of AVChat is primarily focused on adding new security measures and improving the existent ones. In addition to this, a couple of other new features were added which we will cover in detail below.

New and Updated Security

  1. We’ve implemented a new system on all media servers (AMS/FMS, Wowza, Red5) that only permits the connection of desktop clients which have been initialized with encrypted settings.  This way the media-server will automatically detect any malicious users that attempt to connect using forged avc_settings files. This new system is controlled by the new media-server side setting allowOnlyEncryptedSettings. This setting works paired with the option enableEncryptedSettings  that can be found client side in avc_settings.xml. It is recommended that if enabledEncryptedSettings is enabled to also turn the media-server side setting on. By default both of the settings are disabled.
  2. Any sort of SWF preloaders are now detected and upon detection AVChat will seize to load.
  3. We’ve added additional security checks on the media-server for when Delete, Edit and Close Room are called. As a side effect, now the moderators of a room must be in that particular room in order for the Edit changes to have effect.
  4. Added message length restriction also on media-server side.
  5. Implemented additional filters on media-server side to prevent possible exploits of regular users to access private web-cams.

New Look and Functionality for the Web-Cam Settings Window

Say goodbye to the old side-menu that represented the settings for your web-camera. Now all of the settings have been restructured in a separate window that also shows the currently selected camera preview and currently selected microphone audio-levels. Here is how it looks:

New web-cam settings menu
New web-cam settings menu

The new window also shows the total number of available cameras and microphones directly in the [Change] button. To access it you will need to press the cog-wheel icon located in the upper right corner of the web-cam window, as previewed in the image above.

The window also has a secondary functionality of offering  further information when the camera is first accessed and the Flash Settings pop-up is displayed. Here you can see that functionality in action:

After access is allowed, the window will automatically show the web-cam settings.

Other New Features

  1. Implemented duplicate room names prevention system. All of the room names now must be unique. This includes the changes to a room name when editing a room.
  2. Added new PPV trigger for when entering a room.
  3. Added backgroundcolor style for buttons class, added createRoomButton and loginButtons classes that control individually just the colors of the respective buttons.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue with invite to view web cam link not corresponding correctly to the user that sent the invite if multiple invites were sent by different users.
  2. Fixed issue with Youtube playlist links causing users to not be able to join rooms.
  3. Fixed issue with ‘User not found’ text being shown over the user items when a search was made while the PM tab was active.
  4. Fixed issue with ‘erase all room chat messages’ functionality not working on Red5.
  5. Fixed issue with silence overlay not getting removed if a user switched to and from a silenced room while the silence was active.
  6. The music icon is no longer part of the actual room name stored in the sharedobject and is now added at the end of the room name.

How to download and upgrade

You can download this new build of AVChat from your client private webpage.

Steps to upgrade the old installation:

  1. overwrite all old client side files.(For the settings file and the language files, you can just add the new settings and the new translations to your current settings and language files.)
  2. overwrite the media server files and restart the media server.

If you have issues with it after upgrading make sure you clear your browser’s cache. If you still have issues after doing that send us an email at

If you want us to upgrade your AVChat installation for you can purchase our additional AVChat Installation Service from here: .  Once you make the purchase just email us at

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