We are proud to bring you this year’s first build of AVChat that has a lot of major changes and a heap of improvements for both the Flash client and the HTML5 client

Here are the new features:

1. Red5 support for the mobile AVChat 3 client is here.

Setting it up: The mobile client requires a Web Server: A  web server with at least PHP 5.3.10  hosting the chat. 

Socket support must be enabled. You can use phpinfo(); to check if sockets are enabled.

After a normal installation, open avchat3.properties and change the webServerIp setting (new setting) to reflect the IP  of your web server.

Also you might want to disable some of the red5 logs, because when someone connects from the mobile client, Red5 will generate a lot of logs. To do this go in the installation directory of your Red5 server -> conf – > logback.xml, and here edit the following 2 settings:

<logger name="org.red5.io">
<level value="DEBUG" />

Change the level value from “DEBUG” to “INFO” in the code above..

<logger name="org.red5.server.adapter.MultiThreadedApplicationAdapter" >
<level value="OFF"/>

Change the level value from “DEBUG” to “OFF” in the code above.

2. Updated .aspx files

upload.aspx, avc_settings.aspx and style.aspx have been brought up to date to their .php counterparts so now they pull all the configuration data from  avc_settings.xml, file_types.xml and style.xml .

3. New mechanism for removing empty rooms automatically

A new delete rooms mechanism has been implemented.  Previously the rooms were  automatically deleted  as soon as the last person left the room as described in the documentation

The media server now constantly checks for empty rooms and if:

  • deleteRoomsWhenTheyBecomeEmpty = true ,
  • the room is not protected (not included in the doNotDeleteTheseRoomsWhenTheyBecomeEmpty array) and
  • is inactive for more than the number of hours expressed by a new setting ( deleteEmptyInactiveRoomsOlderThan ), then the room is deleted.

4. Better UI for when used in narrow spaces

AVChat now fits correctly in narrow spaces, this was a problem well known with some integrations. Here’s a quick view of it

5. New feature: CHAT HISTORY (for copying the entire chat history)

Added new button (Chat history) that opens up a new window with the whole chat history of the rooms it is opened in. This feature also take into account the setting autoAddIpToUsername. Here’s how it looks:

6. New ability to block all requests for access to a private stream

We added a new button that can be used to block all the view private stream requests.


7. Lots of improvements for the AVChat 3 Mobile Client:


  1. The mobile client now supports emote icons. The path to the icons is stored in the same setting as for the flash client (emoticonsurl).

  2. The mobile client now displays distinct icons for users that come from other mobile clients or from the desktop flash client.

    The camera/microphone icons now have 3 states: active ( icons are shown normal), inactive (icons are shown faded), and hidden(user has no cam/mic).

  3. The connect button on the mobile client is now disabled unless a username with a least 3 characters is typed in.

  4. Welcome message has been added to the chat room upon entry.

  5. Pinch-zoom has been disabled for the mobile client to avoid unwanted scaling of the elements.

  6. Fixed an issue with the mobile client that caused the Login button from the rooms list to not work after it was clicked if the rooms list was reloaded


8. The following issues have been fixed on the Flash client:

  1. We implemented a cleanup for  the rooms list on connect for all media servers, to check if all the rooms contained in the rooms list are still physically on the disk, if not we delete them. This was discovered to cause the empty text chats and empty users list problem.
  2. The background of the uploaded images when shown in the top right corner of the text chat area now scale according to the image size.

  3. The user’s own camera no longer launches in another separate window if autoStartMyCamera and autoStartCameras are set to true.
  4. Fixed issue with error messages that could not be seen entirely when the chat window was too narrow, here’s how it looks now:

  5. Fixed small issue with owner name of a room being filled with the room name instead, in the users__.xml file on FMS.
  6. Fixed issue with rotating text chat messages when leaving all rooms.
  7. Fixed issue with the aligning of elements on the Y axis after an image that wasn’t square shaped was uploaded ( the issue was all other elements left a gap between the image and the next element )
  8. Fixed padding for welcome messages and rotating messages.

  9. Fixed issue with emoticons being  replaced when formed with the “event:” string used by FP and a username like this “event:paula” where “:p” would be seen as an emoticon and replaced with spaces, redirecting to an empty html link instead of triggering an event.
  10. Fixed issue with search in users list working only in the first room that was joined.
  11. Fixed small issue with shadow direction on the tab bar when flipTabMenu was set to true.

How to download and upgrade?

You can download this new build of AVChat from your client area. As a trial user you do not yet have access to this build.

Steps to upgrade an old installation:

  1. overwrite all old client side files (You can keep your old language files. The missing phrases will default to English until you add them to your existing language XML file.)
  2. overwrite the media server files and restart the media server

If you have issues with it after upgrading make sure you clear your browser’s cache. If you still have issues after doing that send us an email at support@avchathq.com.

If you want us to upgrade your AVChat installation for you you can purchase our additional AVChat Installation Service from here: http://avchat.net/buy-now#services .  Once you make the purchase just email us at contact@avchathq.com .


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