Another month has passed and we’ve been busy adding new features to help users get the most out of AVChat.

So with no further ado, let’s get to it ūüôā

New features added for desktop client:

  1. We’ve continued to develop the moderator feature. Moderators now have the option to¬†ban¬†users from the room and to choose the amount of ban time.banFromRoom
  2. Users that are banned/kicked from a room are notified by a specific message, and are informed of the amount of ban-time left before they can re-enter the specific room they have been banned from.


  3. The moderators of the room are now marked with a specific icon in the users list.
  4. AVChat can now be set to function in video-only mode (just audio/video streams with no text-chat). This feature is controlled by the setting:¬†enableAudioVideoOnlyMode¬†from¬†avc_settings.xml. This feature is intended for users that want to utilize AVChat for specific seminars and presentations.When this is activated only the users-list will be available, and the user’s camera will automatically start. Also user-side menu specific text-chat options will be no longer available.
  5. Added side-menu for users connected from the mobile client, so that a desktop client user can access options like, Open profile and Block, for the users coming from mobile devices as well.
  6. The rooms list can now have a default sorting. This sorting can be specified using the new setting sortRoomListOn in avc_settings.xml.
  7. Added new setting (enableNewLineForEveryMessage) that controls whether or not each new text message is displayed on a new line even if it comes from the same user.


New features for the mobile client:

  1. The mobile client is now fully translatable via the translation XML file.
  2. Updated the error messages to be more relevant and avoid confusions.


Here are the issues that have been solved:

  1. Fixed memory leak that happened upon existing and re-entering a room, causing frame-rate drops and sometimes crashing the flash player plug-in. This  happened on all browsers except Chrome (Chrome allocates more memory to the flash player and it avoided this issue).
  2. Fixed issue with room moderators losing moderation options and gaining them in rooms that they wont suppose to when switching rooms from tabs.
  3. Moderators no longer lose their moderator options when they themselves are kicked from the room.
  4. Fixed issue with moderators not getting moderator options if they were dropped in the respective room.
  5. The disconnection of mobile users is no longer dependent to the setting checkForGhostConnectionsEveryXSeconds found in the media server configuration file.
  6. Fixed issue with silence overlay that it is shown when a user is silenced, not getting removed if a user left and re-entered a room where he was silenced in.
  7. Fixed issue with “username is invalid” error being shown when showLoginError setting¬†¬†was set to 1.
  8. Fixed issue with users list and text chat area not being displayed if hideStatus was set to 1 and allowAudioStreaming,allowVideoStreaming were set to 0.
  9. Fixed issue with private messages being sent twice when chat administrators were talking to each-other.
  10. Fixed issue with users-list crashing if it was selected to show only stream viewers or blocked users. This only happened if the room moderation feature was enabled.
  11. Wowza now takes into account the actual number of rooms created instead of the room id number when checking against the maximum rooms allowed to be created.
  12. Fixed issue with “invalid username” error being shown if the text-input for the username was empty.
  13. Fixed issue with camera side-menu not updating correctly the status of the camera and microphone if a user started broadcasting, unchecked either of the cam or mic check boxes, closed the broadcast and then restarted to broadcast again.
  14. Modified the “connection string is empty error” to indicate changing it in avc_settings.xml instead of avc_settings.php/avc_settings.aspx.
  15. Fixed issue with Red5 and Wowza returning the wrong error message when trying to join a private room and the password entered was incorrect.
  16. Fixed issue with mobile client messages not having the special characters properly escaped, causing the sending of encoded messages in some cases, instead of the actual text.
  17. Fixed issue with eye icon not aligning properly when the stream was active and it’s status was changed from private to public and vice-versa.



How to download and upgrade:

You can download this new build of AVChat from your client private webpage. As a trial user you do not yet have access to this build.

Steps to upgrade an old installation:

  1. overwrite all old client side files (including the language file because the new  translations for the mobile client were added).
  2. overwrite the media server files and restart the media server.

If you have issues with it after upgrading make sure you clear your browser’s cache. If you still have issues after doing that send us an email at

If you want us to upgrade your AVChat installation for you can purchase our additional AVChat Installation Service from here: .  Once you make the purchase just email us at


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