We have released an update for build 3078.

This update fixes the following issues:

  1. Fixed issue with the mobile client not joining rooms on Red5.
  2. Fixed issue with the reported users shared object synchronizing every time upon a client connection, causing the Reports button to show as new reports have been added. This only happened on Red5.
  3. Fixed issue with a login text element not aligning properly if Facebook and Twitter login was disabled.
  4. Fixed issue with user items having a ‘bumpy’ appearance in the users list.
  5. Fixed issue with the ‘eye’ icon overlapping with the moderator icon in some cases.
  6. Fixed issue on the mobile client, that caused the vertical scroll in the text chat and rooms list to not work properly if the content was much larger than the screen height.
  7. Repositioned the loading animation in the webcam window if the ‘requesting permission‘ text was shown.

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