Wowza Media Systems has released their new major Wowza Media Server version: Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0. This latest version adds a completely new GUI that allows the user to control and fine tune the server and individual applications without navigating the Wowza folder structure, going through .xml configuration files or restarting the media server every time you make a change. This new GUI is officially called Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, it’s browser based and can be accessed by going to this URL address http://WOWZA_SERVER_ADDRESS:8088/enginemanager/ The GUI is split in 4 areas: Homepage dashboard Server Applications Help Let’s look at each one of them in detail: 1. The Homepage The homepage gives a quick overview of the most important statistics: Number of incoming and[…]

The Puffin browser for iPad seems to be running Flash applications pretty well. Here are some shots with it running AVChat: Login screen shows up and the flash background, I can also type a username that is remembered. Good job so far! Sending messages works as well. The rooms list: Quick conclusions: text chat works fine with slight delay you can not start your webcam or mic even tough it detects that you have a microphone you can join several rooms and switch between them notification sounds do play (new message, private cam request, buzz, etc.) you can view someone’s cam but it will show a frozen frame not a video (even tough the download graph shows you downloading a[…]

Starting with the June build of AVChat we will make a few changes to the way we’ll release builds and issue trial keys for all our products. Regarding new builds Currently we generally try to do a build of AVChat every month on the 1st Monday of that month. We do this to make sure if any bugs show up we’re here during the build day and next day to fix them. Starting with the June build of AVChat we will introduce the notion of beta builds. Beta builds will be available for download from the private client area by clicking the [View All Builds] link. Beta builds will properly be marked as beta and they will be announced in[…]

It seems there are quite a few issues with Adobe products running on the new  Mac OS X Lion One that affects us the most is the fact that the Privacy modal window in Flash Player asking you for permission to access your webcam can not be used anymore. The buttons don’t click. Our friends at have posted a workdaround for it that involves going into your System Preferences. Hopefully a new version of Flash Player will be released soon by Adobe that adresses this issue.

In September we’ve been to iDate Paris to learn more about the dating industry in Europe! There, I’ve bumped into Patrick from Mö (the best dating site in Sweden), a client of mine from like 5 years ago! 🙂 We’ve launched , an umbrella web site for all our activity and products. Go to to learn more about us and our company! We have a resellers program, basically if you are a developer or a web development company you can get our products with up to 30% discount. We have an affiliates program, if you refer clients to our web site you can get a 25% commission on every sale you generate. We’re working hard on the new[…]

This morning at IBC in Amsterdam Adobe launched Flash Media Server 4. There will be 3 editions (Streaming, Interactive and Enterprise) + the free Developers edition. Check out the comparison matrix to see what’s included in each! Most notable improvements are: 64 bit support –> increased performance p2p/rtmfp support -> we’ll be able to do commercial p2p apps on top of FMIS4 Now the bad news: the price is the same, in the US  the Streaming edition is about $995.00 and the Interactive edition is about $4500 . the p2p/rtmfp goodies are only available in the Enterprise edition (very expensive) but hopefully Adobe’s FMIS hosting partners like will offer rtmfp/p2p support as standard in their hosting offers. More info:[…]

We get a lot of questions regarding support for peer 2 peer in our applications. This post will answer most of them! The Stratus service Right now the only way to add p2p capability to a Flash video chat application is to use the Adobe Stratus service which is in beta. According to the Stratus Terms of Service you are not allowed to host an application using Stratus, the service might be terminated at any time, your use of the Stratus service can be revoked, etc… . What does this mean? It means that right now the Stratus service is offered to test p2p capabilities in Flash Player, not for use in commercial/production apps. But isn’t chatroulette using Stratus/p2p? Yes[…]

Adobe released last week FMS 3.5 and FMLE 3.0 which you can now download and/or purchase. There are several interesting new features which you can read about here: New features in Flash Media Live Encoder 3.0 New features in FMSS 3.5 and FMIS 3.5 Prices remain unchanged with $4500 for FMIS and $995 for FMSS. Because this is not a new major version upgrade prices are rather cheap with $349 for the FMIS 3.0 to 3.5 upgrade and $249 ofr the FMSS 3.0 to 3.5 upgrade. These prices are available in the US store. The FMLE continues to be free.

Adobe announced yesterday Flash Media Server 3.5, the next version of FMS. Just a few major changes this time: Apache is built in and can be used for delivering media files including jpeg, swf and video files. Dynamic Streaming : out of the box switching between streams of different bit rates. DVR : rewind on live streams. Kevin Towes, Product Manager for Flash Media Server, has a long blog post detailing the above 3 features and some useful links you might want to check out, including this demo website with some great example of HD flash video: FMS 3.5 is just announced, it is not yet available for download but hopefully it will be released soon!