The Joomla! 3.x Component (part of our Joomla! Integration Kit) has been updated today (build 1000)  and you can download it from your client areas. Changelog: Removed SWFObject from the embed mechanism for a better experience on Chrome and Safari which are now more strict in allowing Flash content to run on the page The drop in room option now works as expected Links have been updated to point to the correct Joomla! Component documentation Mobile chat option is shown on mobile devices only if the mobile chat is installed Code cleaning

We are releasing this hotfix build to address some potential user experience breaking issues. Fixed an issue with the mobile client that was causing failed logins in some situations. Depending on the position of the useritem in the userslist, the sidemenu would’ve been displayed incorrectly when clicked while the user was broadcasting and the options couldn’t have been accessed. This is now fixed. Fixed silenced user exploit. A silenced user could’ve simply remove the silence modal that was over the userslist, by clicking the ‘viewers’ or ‘blocked’ tab. You can download the hotfix build of AVChat 3.6.2 from your private client area. You can login at .

Build 2206 is focused on fixing some major issues and also adds a couple of important new features . Here’s what’s new for the mobile client: The mobile client now supports token authentication. Speed up message delivery on mobile client.  Here’s what’s new for the flash client: Added a new setting enableOtherAccountOptionsForGuests that controls whether or not the other account options login such as Facebook is visible during the sign in and registration window,  that  appears only if the users are guests(specific for integrations). Now a site owner has two choices, to either restrict and only allow users to sign-in using the account made on their site, or to allow logins with Facebook also. Here’s what’s fixed in the flash[…]

AVChat  is pretty secure out of the box, however, there are steps you and your developers can take to make your AVChat installation even more secure. We have now grouped these steps in a NEW SERVICE we’ll offer called Secure your AVChat installation.  The service is priced at $199.  We will annalyze your AVChat and media server  installation and propose/implement security measures against a broad range of attacks. These are some of the measures we will take: Secure the data exchange  between the clients and the media server by using rtmpe or rtmps instead of plain rtmp. RTMPS communication leverages the proven security of SSL to wrap your RTMP session. RTMPE-based communication offers some of the benefits of RTMPS, but[…]

The May Build of AVChat 3 (due next week) will have support for the Speex audio codec introduced in Flash Player 10. This will mean better audio quality,lower latency and less bandwidth usage than before! This is one of the reasons we’ve switched to Flash Player 10 for AVChat 3 starting with the April Build, other changes will include separate volume control for each web cam and proper behaviour when the users denies access to his web cam and mic. The old codec we’ve been using so far in AVChat 3, the NellyMoser Asao codec, was introduced in Flash Player 6 and was licensed by Adobe from NellyMoser Inc. . Because NellyMoser Inc. had the full rights to the audio[…]

2009 has been a great year for us, we’ve learned a lot and we’ve made big progress as a company and we feel 2010 is going to be even better. Everybody is back now from their NYE vacation (support should be again up to speed) and we’re deciding on directions to follow in 2010 with our business and products. Here are some of them: AVChat Instant Messenger is a new product we’re working on. We have a lot of great ideas for it, hopefully we will have something to show in March. Each product will have it’s own website. We’ve already started doing that with HDFVR and soon the Flash Audio Recorder will also be moved to its own website.[…]