Starting with the June build of AVChat we will make a few changes to the way we’ll release builds and issue trial keys for all our products.

Regarding new builds

Currently we generally try to do a build of AVChat every month on the 1st Monday of that month. We do this to make sure if any bugs show up we’re here during the build day and next day to fix them.

Starting with the June build of AVChat we will introduce the notion of beta builds. Beta builds will be available for download from the private client area by clicking the [View All Builds] link. Beta builds will properly be marked as beta and they will be announced in this blog or in the forum. We will generally release a flurry of beta builds during the last week of the month leading up to the final release day (1st Monday of every month).

This process of releasing a few beta builds before a final one will help us provide more stable final builds.

According to this new calendar you can expect a new BETA build of AVChat on 28th of May and a final build on 4th of June.

Regarding trials

Our current trial system has seen some abuse lately so we’re taking the following steps to protect our customers and their purchase:

  • The trial period will drop from 30 days to 15 days
  • The latest final/beta builds will not be available for download to trial users
  • We will not issue trials/trial keys for some top level domains

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