Who is typing box in AVChat 3
Who is typing box in AVChat 3

In avc_settings.php you will find the following config option:


Set it to 0 and the who-is-typing box will not be shown anymore in the chat.

If you are using avc_settings.asp look for the showWhoIsTyping variable and set it to 0!

4 thoughts on “How to remove the who-is-typing box inside AVChat 3

  1. John says:

    For what its worth, I love the concept of who si typing but I hate that the way it is set up here it blocks the most recently displayed line of text. If there was an option to float it at the top of the chat box instead of the bottom or somewhere equally out of the way I think it would be a great option.

    1. Octavian says:

      We have received this complaint many times (who is typing box covering most recent text), we will do something about it for the next build. We will probably move it at the top.

  2. dave says:

    that will be great Octavian as its good for people to see who is typing without the interferance of last line

    1. Octavian says:

      I the new builds (above 550) the box as been moved by default to the top!

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