“I’d like to know if I can run other Red5 instances on my server, besides the one that AVChat requires.”

This is an issue that came recently for some of our existing customers and I thought that we can share this info to everybody.


It happens that you have been using a software that requires Red5 to transmit data and you have installed, for example, Red5 0.9. Good..

Now, after you got an AVChat license, you heard that the only compatible versions of Red5 with the chat software are 0.8 and 1.0 RC1. This made you wonder if you can still use your previous software running on the same Red5 0.9 as before and make a different installation of Red5, for AVChat to run.

You have to know that all versions of Red5 are using the same port configuration and if 2 copies of Red5 are started, there will be a port conflict there.

The default ports used by Redt5 are:

  • 5080 for HTTP
  • 1935 for RTMP
You need to configure one copy of Red5 to use different ports. Here’s how to do it:
  1. Open the /conf folder and search for a file called red5.properties.
  2. Open it with a text editor
  3. Change the value of all the ports, but make sure that the new ones are available, no other application on the server is using them.
This screenshot shows an example of the lines that must be edited for each of the paragraphs:













After editing this file, Red5 must be restarted in order for the changes to apply.

Good..now we can start both Red5 instances with 2 different software using them.

I hope this helped and..happy chatting !

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