Having to deal with a very busy summer, development for AVChat has been slower than usual, but we managed to allocate enough time in order to release a new build and as always we’ve integrated most of the new requests along with some compelling new features.

Real-Time Text Chat Translation

We have implemented a mechanism that permits AVChat to detect the language the browser is setup for. Based on this and using Google’s Translate API you can now translate on the fly messages from another language, from a user that has the browser setup in french for example, to your preferred language, assuming as well that your browser is setup in your particular language.

A small translate link will appear on the side of the text message, pressing it will show the translation for that particular message in a smaller grey font beneath the original text, as shown in the images below:

French-user's view
French-user’s view
English-user's view
English-user’s view

In order for this feature to work, an active Google API must be provided in the new setting googleAPIkey found in avc_settings. The key must also be enabled from the Google developers console for the Google Translate API.

Individualized Video-Stream Sizes

We have modified the behavior of the mechanism. The way it functioned before was limiting the viewers to a particular default display width and height of the video streams they were watching, that was preset in the audio-video profile XML’s through othersDisplayWidth and othersDisplayHeight.  These 2 settings have now been removed.

The way it works now, is that the end viewer will see by the default the video-stream in the broadcaster’s resolution. So if the broadcaster is transmitting at a 640×480 resolution the viewer’s window will have the appropriate size.  You now might say, ‘but it will fill up the whole screen if the broadcaster streams in HD’ for example. To fix this possible issue, a new setting has been added in the audio-video profiles: othersDisplayScale. By default is set to 1 for a 1:1 ratio, but it can be decreased or increased as needed. Here’s how different sizes are represented:

Individualized video-stream-sizes
Individualized video-stream-sizes

UI Update For The Mobile Version

Updated the look and feel of the mobile version, along with some fixes for UI bugs

Other Changes

  1. Room moderators can no longer ban/kick/mute other room moderators.
  2. Improved garbage collection for some chat windows.
  3. Added userID to the users list generated XML.
  4. Added additional invite to rooms check on all media servers.
  5. Changed Youtube wrapper class to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.


  • Fixed issue that caused mods to be able to mute users from rooms other than their own when showing the blocked/viewers list type.
  • Fixed issue with continuously being able to silence a user causing user’s screen to add the silence modal and his screen remaining black after silence expired.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate room name mechanism on Wowza.
  • Fixed issue with camera setting window being added under the textchat area when autoStartMyCamera was set to true.
  • Fixed issue with video not getting resized when the web-cam window was resized.
  • Fixed issue with the mouse wheel event not scaling the web-cam window.
  • Fixed issue with room description not being shown.
  • Fixed issue with room music player not getting closed when it was part of an inactive tab with music.
  • Restricted char types in room creation window.
  • Fixed issue with malformed Youtube URLs.
  • Fixed issue with room moderators not being able to execute functions when adminsAllowedFromTheseIps was set on Red5.
  • Fixed issues caused by hideTheseRooms setting when displaying the rooms list or joining a room.
  • Fixed issue with history text format having the same color as the user selected color

How To Download And Upgrade

You can download this new build of AVChat from your client private webpage.

Steps to upgrade the old installation:

  1. overwrite all old client side files.(For the settings file and the language files, you can just add the new settings and the new translations to your current settings and language files.)
  2. overwrite the media server files and restart the media server.

If you have issues with it after upgrading make sure you clear your browser’s cache. If you still have issues after doing that send us an email at support@nusofthq.com

If you want us to upgrade your AVChat installation for you can purchase our additional AVChat Installation Service from here: http://avchat.net/buy-now#services .  Once you make the purchase just email us at contact@nusofthq.com.

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