There are some bugs fixed and some new features in this one:

New Features:

  • smaller size of swf files. Due to the new framework from Flex the size of the swfs got bigger. We’ve managed to reduce the size to 321 kb.
  • fonts.xml will actually do something. You can now specify inside fonts.xml what fonts will be available for the client in the fonts drop down selector from the text chat area.
  • Drupal 7, vldPersonals 2.5.x and 2.6 compatibility.
  • Red5 1.0 RC1 support.
  • There is a new flash var named userId that you can send to index.swf /admin.swf via GET. The variable and value will be sent back to via GET.
  • The build number is now present in on every media server( FMIS, Red5 and Wowza) so we can check compatibility with swfs version number after update or install.
  • Private cam info in the users and rooms list xml generated by
  • There are some UI improvements: bigger “is typing area” and the last 5 photos added preview on the right side of the text area  ( needs to be activated in

Issues fixed:

  • admin kick function on Wowza.
  • admin ban function  on Wowza.
  • licenseKey functionality on Wowza.
  • Forward slashes on URLs are truncated.
  • Youtube and send files buttons bugs fixed.
  • The known issues with the text messegaes for REd5 0.9

Security issuses:

  • Red5 only : New admin security option (based on admin.swf filename) in adminSwfFileName for countries where there are only dynamic ip’s  . This will allow you to set the name for the admin swfs that are allowed to connect to your Red5 server.

How to upgrade?

You can download the latest build from your client/trial area, to install just overwrite the old files (including the files on the media server: Red5/FMIS/Wowza)

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