We’ve put a new build of AVChat 3 up today, this build (284 ) includes mostly bug fixes for the Red5 version of AVChat 3 and several small enhancements.


  • new protection against spam messages (if a user sends the same message over and over again, he will be the only one seeing them, other users will only see the message once :D)
  • the Red5 server side files are now compiled to be compatible with Java 1.5
  • when autostartCameras is ON, you will not start to view your webcam automatically anymore (when you publish it)
  • the positioning algorithm for other people’s webcams has been updated
  • the “who is typing” messages shown in the text chat can now be disabled from the config file
  • several security enhancements
  • implemented workaround for Flash Player bug that prevented uploading files from working in the Joomla/Drupal and osDate plugins.

Bug fixes

  • some license keys were not properly recognized
  • sometimes the users list was not sorting properly by username
  • when the users list is sorted by username , the sorting is case insensitive
  • closing the chat software while you were typing would result in “X is typing” message being stuck in the text chat
  • the text messages over the video streams where not properly repositioned when resizing the video area (thanks Jannis)
  • missing mp3 sounds from the sounds folder caused the chat not to start
  • recordAudioVideoStreams was always true in the Settings panel when running AVChat 3 on Red5
  • The admin can not delete anymore rooms that are not empty
  • The external users list and number of users was not always properly updated

How to get the new AVChat 3 release

You can obtain the latest AVChat 3 files by downloading the software again using the download link from the delivery/trial email. You will automatically download the latest build which includes all the bug fixes and feature enhancements mentioned in this post .

After downloading them:

  • do a clean install or
  • overwrite all the old files including the FMS/Red5 server side files!

What’s next?

We are still working on adding support for Wowza, and the next build will include several new small features! We are also preparing a paper explaining all the security features implemented in AVChat 3!

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