Hi there,

As you probably already know, our developers are not sleeping 🙂

Just today they finished working at the latest build of AVChat, beta version for a while.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

  1. Added a new feature that allows users to filter NSFW content
  2. Added a new feature that allows users to choose the position of the tab menu (up or down) relative to the textchat area
  3. Added a new search feature for users inside a room
  4. Improved the media server logs. It now contains logs on users joining/leaving rooms, users getting kicked from rooms, users getting kicked from chat and users getting banned.
  5. Added a new feature that allows admin whether or not only unique user names are able to connect to the chat.
  6. Size of the sidemenus for user list options and cam/mic options now scale accordingly to the text length.
  7. Uploaded filenames are now saved on the web-server containing the username of the uploader in them.
  8. Added more youtube link support
  9. Pressing enter on the login screen now has same effect as pressing the connect button.

Test it and get back to us if you have any questions or issues !
We hope to release this build early next week.

We will be moving forward with the November build which will be a huge build…wait for it !

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