We’ve taken our time with this one as we’ve found a memory leak in our Red5 server side files and spent a lot of time trying to fix that!

Here are some of the new features and bug fixes:

  1. Connections from swf files hosted on localhost are not allowed anymore by default. To allow localhost connections edit the avchat30 settings file on the media server (avchat3.properties or settings.asc) and set allowLocalhostConnections=true.
  2. There are no name limits on the application/folder name (avchat30) on the media server or/and on the instance name (_definst_). This will allow you to connect AVChat 3 from several web sites to the same media server, each one with their own key and personalized (media server) settings file!
  3. Full .NET support (we’ve dropped support for Classic ASP).
  4. Moved the position of free video time/day display to the top bar, the free video time/day was displayed on all cams and it was confusing, people thought that the person thei’re viewing has that much time left:free-vid-time
  5. There are new options to limit the powers of admin.swf (adminCanKickOtherAdmins, adminCanBanOtherAdmins and adminCanViewHiddenAdmins) in avc_settings.xxx .
  6. New clean text chat button in the text chat area:clean-chat
  7. BuddyPress compatibility for the Word Press Integration Kit.
  8. New option in avc_settings.xxx to hide the Preview Button: showPreviewButton.
  9. showYTVideosPreview settings in avc_settings.xxx now also affects the preview of images.

Security updates:

  • Fixed security issues with previewing external .swf files masked as images

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed memory leak in Red5 server side files, whoever is using Red5 as their media server should see lower memory usage from Red5 when using AVChat.
  • Fixed issue with web cams going behind the text chat area when clicking the text chat area.
  • Fixed issues with some whois links not working.

How to get the new AVChat 3 build:

  • download the software again from your client area.

How to update your installation:

  • in the usual way: overwrite ALL the old files (including the en.xml language file and the media server files) and restart the media server!
  • if the above fails make a clean  install!

5 thoughts on “New AVChat December build (1059)

  1. LLC says:

    a bug has been found in the build 1059:
    for example, if I set value 6 for simultaneous open translations in the config, and a user browse 6 webcams, and somebody of the browsed have disconnected me from the translation, then I cannot open one more translation, because it is considered that I browse yet 6 webcams!

    2 – when will you add a functional in the admin panel (clickable nicks)? With large number of users, it is very inconvenient without this function, moderators need to copy nicks all the time and paste them in the text input field.

  2. Stephan says:


    first of all I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. You all did a really great job in the past!
    Unfortunately, I found a small bug in the new AVChat 3 build. If I set the free video time to “-1” to disable this option the online time slips into the “room button”.
    Finally, I have another request! I still miss an old function which automatically placed the camera streams above the text chat area. Maybe you could re-introduce this feature in a future release as an optional setting?

    Greetings from Berlin

    1. Octavian says:

      Thanks for the bug report, I have added it to our TODO list!

      Regarding placement of the camera streams there will be some updates in the future regarding that but we have a lot to work on in other palces!

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