Hello everyone,

We’ve just released a new version, 2.1 (build 599) for AVChat Plugin Pro for WordPress 3.x. This version (2.1) is coming with new features & permissions and some small fixes.

New Features & Improvements:

  • WordPress 3.9 supported
  • Improved the design of the AVChat 3 Settings & Permissions page, making it more user friendly
  • Now the AVChat Plugin Pro supports WordPress multisite on subdomains
  • Better integration with BuddyPress: now AVChat Plugin PRO detects if BuddyPress is active across the WordPress multisite
  • Admin can easily change the Audio / Video Quality Profile, from WordPress backend
  • Exposed the setting which allows the admin to set user’s webcam to open automatically when each he joins, together with the one which allows user to start viewing all opened streams after connecting
  • Fixed some minor issues
  • Added a new setting and 3 new permissions

A new setting and 3 new permissions

  • You can force users belonging to an user role to auto start publishing its webcam
  • You can force users belonging to an user role to auto start publishing their mic
  • You can force users belonging to an user role to auto start viewing other webcams
  • You can chose audio video quality profile in use

Fixed issues

  • Fixed issue with BuddyPress on multisite
  • Fixed issue with the AVChat admins can view PMs setting

The new build archive can be downloaded from your private client area.

Have a great day!

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